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  1. linty1

    WTB Wtb: Feather ac dx (non folding)

    Hello, looking for a Feather ac dx, non folding, I have included a photo. Full disclosure, I am in Canada, and will be paying via PP g/s. Please pm me, thank you.
  2. linty1

    mug warmer, keeping a cup of coffee hot..

    Just wondering how do you guys keep your coffee hot while you do things? I know, the correct answer here is "life moves too quick, sit down and enjoy your coffee", as a school teacher, that can be difficult during the day. I have tried the little mug warmer hot plates (the mr. coffee one...
  3. linty1

    WTB Gillette fat handle tech

    Hello, looking for a Gillette fat handle tech, in really good condition, full disclosure I'm in Canada, pls pm, thank you.
  4. linty1

    to condition a leather jacket or not?

    Hello, I received a varsity jacket with leather sleeves, "Tribe Leather"? Do I need to condition it? And with what? I did a search and there are both "yes to keep it from cracking" and "no, I've never had to do it" answers and no consensus, and many diff opinions on which product to use. What...
  5. linty1

    cleaning the coffee smell/residue from plastic

    Hello, just wondering how one cleans the old aroma of coffee past from plastic parts, like a thermos? I got one of those contigo cups and usually drink coffee from it, today filled it with tea and blergh... I tried hitting it with Dawn and a toothbrush to really get into the...
  6. linty1

    a late christmas surprise...

    Today my wife surprised me during a trip downtown: I Behmor. And it came with a credit and I also picked up some beans to start So I have yet to crack the box (its late) but I plan on using these instructions: Very excited... I guess my questions are, so at the first sound of crack, I hit...
  7. linty1

    Need a suggestion for insulated french press...

    Hello, wanted to get your opinions/suggestions on a doubke walled/insulated French Press. I currently have a Bodum 3 cup at home and an ikea one at work (a bigger one to share). Love both, but find that sitting for 4 minutes tends to leave it without much "hot-time" left to drink it. The...
  8. linty1

    Wtb: Long handled Merkur Progress

    As the title says, in good condition. Numbers should line up, good smooth screw operation. Full disclosure, I am from Canada. Please pm if you have one, thank you.
  9. linty1

    bodum caffetiera vs chambord

    Hello, looking for a method to make a cup of coffee at work, finally settled on the hario paperless pourover cone.. doesn't need a supply of filters, easy to clean, low number of movable/cleaning peices seemed to check off all the boxes. But I'm having trouble getting consistant brews, the...
  10. linty1

    Wtb: Merkur 38 barber pole (not slant)

    Hello, as the title says, looking for a Merkur 38 barber pole, NOT slanted, must be in good condition, and full disclosure I am in Canada. Please pm me, thank you in advance
  11. linty1

    Advice on a wooden box manual grinder

    Hello, looking at those wooden box coffee grinder, they look quite beautiful. Trying to find a good balance between performance and price. Have two picked out (though I am open to other models/brands) the Hario mm-2 (around $60 CAD) and one of the Zassenhaus "entry level" models, the Brasilia...
  12. linty1

    How do you get your coffee at work?

    As the title says, just curious on how you manage to get coffee at work... I've seen some thermoses, do you have a little set up? Just drink the sludge from the local chain? Or one of those auto pod machines?
  13. linty1

    sour and cold coffee from pour over

    Hello, my Hario paperless pour over came and tried my first cup with sound mountain view, filled coffee up to the 1 line, bloom for 30 seconds, then started to pour a very fine stream of water in, just enough to saturate and watched it drip into my mug.... taste? Sour (a little, not...
  14. linty1

    help with hario paperless pour over

    Hello, been using an aeropress for a while at home, happy with it, but also looking for something even less in parts to use at work, looked at pourovers and settled on the Hario Paperless. I've looked online for methods, and not a lot is out there. Plenty for the V-60 though. After gathering...
  15. linty1

    Thater 4125 3 band silver vs. 2 band super

    Hello, Looking at a Thater 4125 3 band silver vs a 2 band super (both fan shape), the 3 band silver being about $20-30 or so more expensive, my question is, is the silvertip worth the extra $$ for the Thater 4125 line? Also as a secondary question, sizing, I was deciding between a 1 or a 2...
  16. linty1

    Linty's shave journal

    Been DE shaving for a few years now, decided over the summer that straights would be a natural progression, didnt really want to fuss with honing/stropping/up keep of a straight, so decided on a Shavette: Feather AC non folding. Lathered as per usual, in a mug, I made the lather a little...
  17. linty1

    first shave question

    So picked up a Feather artist club ss, read and watched the wiki/tutorials... deep breath, lathered and just as I was about to shave... I realized that I cant see the head of the razor, my hand is between the head and me seeing it. I tried to tilt my head and also angle it down so that i could...
  18. linty1

    need help finding a razor blade

    Hello all, been DE shaving for a few years now, and wanted to venture into straight razor shaving. Picked up a non-folding Feather Artist Club ss, now looking for a pack of blades. Like with DE blades, there are many, and I assume its a YMMV thing. If I told yoou that I LOVE Gillette Silver...
  19. linty1

    trying to find some reviews of this scuttle

    Hello, see this scuttle from a few places http://www.panjo.com/buy/extra-large-ceramic-shaving-mug-bowl-scuttle-handmade-252853?index=2 seems, like a good price, has anybody purchased one? If so, how do you like it? Does it heat easily etc? Any info or point in a direction for further...
  20. linty1

    WTB: Thater 4125 size 1 fan shaped 3 band silvert

    no shedders please, please pm me if you have one to sell!
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