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  1. pbrmhl

    SUI - Shaving Under the Influence

    This is why I shave in the morning...
  2. pbrmhl

    what will i buy tomorrow🤔

    A bottle of Declaration Grooming aftershave. Of those he currently has in stock, I recommend Yuzu Rose Patchouli.
  3. pbrmhl

    Getting a Haircut during this Crisis, Hmmm?

    My last haircut was January 3. I've become a hippie again.
  4. pbrmhl

    I'm Loving Declaration's Persephone

    I visit Declaration Grooming's website frequently, as I'm a huge fan of Scott's soaps, brushes and aftershaves. By chance the other day, I happened upon a new release called "Persephone." I couldn't help myself, even though I've got a couple of lifetimes of aftershaves, and ordered a couple of...
  5. pbrmhl

    What Soap/AS scents do you consider to be “old man” Scents?

    Waves is anything but "old man." Pashana aftershave is old man, in my book. And I'm an old man.
  6. pbrmhl

    Stone Cottage Soapworks - HESPERIDE

    I just had to revive this thread. I just restocked my supply of Hesperide shaving cream. On my face, this lather works as well as any other. And the scent is also unsurpassed.
  7. pbrmhl

    PLS recommend me the best pre-shave cream and/or oil

    I tried a bunch several years back. A year or two ago I found Grooming Dept. I now use it every day.
  8. pbrmhl

    Pleased to See Declaration Grooming Doing Well...

    I happened on a Declaration Instagram post yesterday when he announced he was releasing a new aftershave (and soap) today called "Maroon." I checked out his website at about 9:10 this morning, and the aftershave was sold out. Good for Scott at Declaration. He seems to have a lot of fans...
  9. pbrmhl

    September 2020 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

    Thank you! I'm feeling really good about it, after being continuously employed every day for 39 years...
  10. pbrmhl

    September 2020 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

    Still in. Wish I had photos. I'm expecting to be retired next week, so I plan to make photos of my shave-of-the-day. Today was ATT SE2 with a Feather Pro Super, Grooming Spa pre-shave, Brad Sears badger brush, Stone Cottage Pipe Tobacco shaving cream, Dirty Bird scuttle and Declaration B Cubed...
  11. pbrmhl

    Feather Artist Club DXSSeptember

    The B-20 is enough reason to acquire a Schick E1 or E2, with the swiveling spring. One doesn't need a key. Simply move the spring out of the way, separate the "baseplate" from the "top cap," insert the Proline, compress the base plate to the top cap, and swivel the spring back into place. The E2...
  12. pbrmhl

    Thinking about Feather Artist Club

    To the OP: I've got a Feather DX I've never used (but I will when I retire). This morning I used a Colonial General (V1) with a Feather Pro Super--as good a shave as I can possibly get. I don't have a Hawk, but I've got a half-dozen of other AC blade razors. The General/Pro Super combination is...
  13. pbrmhl

    September 2020 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

    I'm pretty sure I can get through this. 1)FoolishMortal 2)JWCowboy 3)Timeclo 4)ajduplessis 5)RTM 6)Kyle89 7)cryhavoc 8)Schnitzel52 9)Sotiris_A 10)SillyPancake 11)BigD 12 RookieGuy 13 stuartganis 14) Owen Bawn 15) 4and20blackbirds 16) Dezryder 17) Chef455 18) mattps1 19) pbrmhl
  14. pbrmhl

    Congrats on the Blackberry Blossom Bay Tribute

    Yes, this thread was intended to display on the "Aftershave" sub-forum. I would have posted on the "Shaving Soap" sub-forum but I will never get through all the Declaration soaps I already own. As I think about it, I'll never get through all the Declaration aftershaves, either...
  15. pbrmhl

    Congrats on the Blackberry Blossom Bay Tribute

    I don't understand why this thread was moved to "Shopping and Deals." This product is not available for purchase. The intent was to praise a limited release and, more importantly, a collaboration between two great vendors.
  16. pbrmhl

    Congrats on the Blackberry Blossom Bay Tribute

    Yesterday morning Declaration Grooming released a new scent, called B Cubed. Chatillon Lux provided the scent. Shawn at CL is now out of the scented aftershave business, but fortunately has a partnership with Scott at Declaration to use CL scents in the Declaration aftershave formula...
  17. pbrmhl

    Wizamet Super Iridium, real or not?

    I have to give a huge shoutout to Wizashave... Several weeks ago, I ordered my second 250-blade sleeve from Wizashave. My first order, about a year ago, was unremarkable (if a week or two slower than an order from Maggard's, which is understandable as it came from Morocco). No issues. Great...
  18. pbrmhl

    Colonial The General

    Interesting. My V1 is stainless machined. In my experience, early iterations of a razor model work better for me than later ones. Mostly because I like blade feel, and it seems most razor makers try to smooth the blade feel over time. But that's just my perception.
  19. pbrmhl

    Colonial The General

    I've got a Colonial General V1, which is my favorite AC blade razor (among six or seven). I've also got a Timeless .95, Karve F open comb, Gamechanger .84 OC and Jaws. I suspect that you will not regret a Colonial General (assuming V2 is not materially different from V1).
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