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  1. merovirginian

    Black Friday Sale at Pasteur's Pharmacy in NYC

    Since Pasteur's finally opened up an online shop, I though some might like to know they will have 15% off on the 26th and 27th this year. A little Martin de Candre at that price might be nice little treat, no? https://www.pasteurshaving.com
  2. merovirginian

    Sawdust Creations Custom Handle

    I recently received a custom brush handle by Sawdust Creation Studios on Etsy. Robert did a wonderful job communicating with me through the process. The bog oak itself is beautiful—a nice, rich, dark brown. I asked for the resin 'racing stripe' in the handle and he did a great job incorporating...
  3. merovirginian

    What is your favorite non-tallow, non-lanolin shaving soap?

    I have both non-tallow and tallow shaving soaps and like them both. My den has far more tallow soaps though; super-fatted animal soaps appear to be very popular. I thought it might be nice to go in the other direction. I was hoping to learn what non-tallow soaps people like. So I created this...
  4. merovirginian

    Haslinger Convert Questions

    I've been shaving with my (grated) puck of Haslinger Aloe Vera for a number of months now. I have the non-tallow, modern version. I love it. It's just a great, neutral shaving soap. I can find no fault with it. Here are my two questions, (1) is there any performance difference between any...
  5. merovirginian

    Wolfman WR2 1.05 and the Karve CB

    This will be a tl;dr post. Really. [I am writing this on Thursday night but posting today] [On Thursday,] I received my 1.05 sb Wolfman with a 90 mm WRH2 handle in the basic polished (textured) finish. There are plenty of Wolfman Razor reviews. I wanted to review the razor and specifically...
  6. merovirginian

    Haslinger (non tallow)

    I just tried the Haslinger Aloe Vera (non tallow) version today. I received a puck with my Shavemac knot purchase a while ago. The scent was mild but pleasant. It lathered super easily (just like its reputation), almost thoughtlessly. The soap was luxurious and cushioning. I could buff with...
  7. merovirginian

    Fan of two-band badgers: 24mm Yaqi and 23mm Shavemac

    I love my two fan brushes. I did want to compare them without regard to price and give my short-term opinions for y'all to consider. I've had about 15 shaves with the Yaqi, and about 5 with the Shavemac. I'm completely guessing at these numbers because I don't actually count them (unlike my...
  8. merovirginian

    FS Declaration Grooming (milksteak) Weinstrasse

    I purchased this new soap a few weeks ago. It's been used/sampled one time with a synthetic brush, and only to test the scent (on my hand and arm). Retail is $24 plus shipping. Offer is $19 including shipping CONUS. Open to shipping outside CONUS, but pricing with shipping will need to be...
  9. merovirginian

    Rockwell with Gunkote/Cerakote?

    I recently had a brass razor plated in rhodium. I loved the results. Has anyone had the Rockwell 6s coated in Gunkote or Cerakote? If so, was there a noticeable shave difference with the coating? Any recommended vendors? Just curious about the possibility right now.
  10. merovirginian

    Glue/Epoxy for a Knot

    I apologize if this question has been asked before, and I am just a simple consumer (so additional apologizes if this should be posted somewhere else). I have a brush handle and a separate shaving knot coming in. I will need to glue them together (obviously). I have read that many prefer the...
  11. merovirginian

    Favorite Unscented or Neutral Scent Post-Shave Product

    I enjoy my scented aftershaves (often matching my shave soaps). I also enjoy my unscented aftershaves, balms, etc. An eau de cologne/toilette/parfum can provide a lasting scent as well, and perhaps better than a soap or aftershave. I know that so many current shave soaps focus on post-shave...
  12. merovirginian

    "Tuxedo" Rhodium-Plated Razor

    So, Chris at Razorplate just emailed me finished pictures of the brass Karve I had plated. The handle is in black rhodium, while the top cap and base plates are in rhodium. I could not be happier with the outcome and can't wait to try it when it arrives.
  13. merovirginian

    Zingari Man

    I just shaved with Zingari Man Nomad in the new sego base. I haven't seen a post about the soap where people can share reviews so I thought I would start one. There is this one about different scents of the soap: Zingari Man Scents? -...
  14. merovirginian

    22-24 mm Badger knot for a custom handle

    I am bit away from a custom brush handle being created. I am leaning towards a two-band badger fan-style knot. Does anyone have any recommendations on knot providers (and experience with the brand they recommend)? I am looking at Maggards (of course), AP Shave, Shavemac ($$)--not really DG, but...
  15. merovirginian

    Wolfman Razors timing

    I know. It's like seeing a unicorn. Still, I'm curious about the time it takes right now (Nov 2019) from being on the Wolfman waitlist to being informed of your finished razor. Shipping time is a geographic limitation that, while important, is not what concerns me right now. For those who have...
  16. merovirginian

    Murphy & McNeil Ogham Stone

    I just received a sample of this soap from M&M. I did a test lather tonight to get a feel for the scent (I know I love the Aon base). I really, really like this. From the website, it has frankincense, myrrh, rose, peony, and amber. M&M says it's supposed to remind one of wet stone. Well, I had...
  17. merovirginian

    Soaps to sample on a trip to France

    I'm going on a trip to France (Paris and its outskirts) in the next couple weeks (from the USA) and staying for a couple of weeks. I was wondering if there were any unique shaving soaps (or creams or stores) that anyone might recommend that are not particularly available in the US (or are...
  18. merovirginian

    Karve CB and Blades That Work For You or Don't

    I know there's been at least one post on the topic in the past (and buried posts in the Karve Diem brotherhood). But, I thought it might be useful for owners of the Karve (whatever metal) to share their opinions about what works in their Karve CB on a particular plate (if that even matters)...
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