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  1. Dave-the-rave

    My first pipe.

    Hi guys. This is my first foray into this Sub Forum and my first try with a pipe. I smoked cigarettes for many years, and now vape. I do have the occasional miniature cigar from time to time, and have always fancied trying the pipe for occasional use. Anything to distance myself from the...
  2. Dave-the-rave

    Timeless Bitsa

    Just got my Timeless .68 SB. I bought the SS top cap and .68 Ti base plate, which amounts to 31g. I did not fancy the weight of the whole SS head. I also didn't buy a handle as I wanted to use a handle around 60g maybe 70g at most. Here it is paired with a Razorock UFO and Haloed UFO handle...
  3. Dave-the-rave

    EJ 3ONE6 or Muhle Rocca V4. A tentative comparison.

    1st shave with the Rocca V4. I have the R96 I think with the black handle. I'm going to compare it against the Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 throughout because they are similar, plenty folks have asked on Forums how they compare, and there's few if any direct comparisons. I must point out right here that I...
  4. Dave-the-rave

    Badger. A first impression.

    Right my first brush was a cheapo boar from ebay, cost around £5. I knew nothing about brushes. It did the job and morphed into a nice soft tipped brush. I like it enough to buy another, slightly larger. It was the same no brand name cheapo with bare wood handle. Cheap tat but great brushes all...
  5. Dave-the-rave

    Kent Infinity Silvertex

    First shave with this little brush. Dimensions...knot 22 mm, loft 52 mm. The handle is a sort of yellow plastic. Probably moulded but there's no mould marks present on mine. Colour wise it reminds me of 'Old Yeller' type pocket knives so I like it. The handle is a bit small right enough but...
  6. Dave-the-rave

    7 O'clock Flat Bottom.

    Just bought this on a whim...and it was cheap. Made in England 7 O'clock flat bottom (long comb) which is, I believe, the same as the English Gillette Flat Bottom. The handle is hollow and very light but it won't crack. It's a funny colour and some of the plating has 'peeled' rather than worn...
  7. Dave-the-rave

    Gillette single ring date code

    Guys I've got a list of date codes but I'm still confused a bit. My newly acquired single ring with thin cap is stamped... E195049 and BR.PAT.No2876302 Inside the top cap is stamped with the diamond with arrow and ''known the world over'', same on top of the comb. The stamp is seriously tiny...
  8. Dave-the-rave

    Counterfit blades and non believers

    I'll leave this here... http://www.diytrade.com/china/pd/9092282/Any_brand_name_of_Razor_Blade.html
  9. Dave-the-rave

    Man shaves with sharpened steel.

    So I bought me first straight: a vintage Sheffield classed as shave ready. It was sharp but felt harsh and uncomfortable compared to my FAC SS. So I decided to learn to hone on a GD before tackling the Sheffield, which was probably backwards, as the GD was a pain from the get go. Anyway I set...
  10. Dave-the-rave

    A tale of two Tech's

    So I loaded up a USA Triangular slot Tech and a English flat bottom Tech with new Polsilver blades and spent 2 weeks alternating shaves between them, shaving every 2 days. The handles are different and the flat bottom has a hollow 2 piece handle. The triangular slot has the fat handle but...
  11. Dave-the-rave

    Cheapskate DIY Nickel plating removal

    Here in the UK we have a toilet cleaner call Harpic. It's one of those ''Kills germs, removes lime scale etc'' kinda things. Many moons ago I spilled some on a bathroom tap and it removed the chrome overnight. Now I'm partial to buying brass razors so I've bought a few with poor gold plating as...
  12. Dave-the-rave

    A History of German razor manufacturers.

    While browsing for info on a Ben Hur razor on ebay I came across this page. It contains a history of German manufacturers of razor and pocket knives. I though some folks might find it useful but I didn't know where to post it as they obviously would have made straight razors as well...
  13. Dave-the-rave

    Dave-the-rave's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? David What are your nicknames/aliases? Dave Where do you live? London, UK. What is your age (or) generation? 50 What are you in the real world? Imperfect What is your favorite shave setup? Anything over 50 years old with a single edged blade...
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