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  1. curtis909


    I was wondering if all things considered and the new Gillette blades were the same price as a double edge blade would their still be a debate on which ones we enjoyed using. I from time to time use a fusion more so when i am traveling and for me at least i get a a shave as close as my Edwin...
  2. curtis909

    What is holding him up

    I promise if you watch this you will cringe......:wink2: Well at least he isn't feeling any pain.....:wink2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVIuyQFz0zo&feature=related
  3. curtis909


    Guys as most of you I have tried most any blade out there. Finally settling on Feather's and the occasional Red Personna. I by chance found a few Crystals (Personnas wrapped in blue paper:001_smile) that I was sent long ago by someone in a trade. I tried them back then and they were only so/so...
  4. curtis909

    New York Times.....

    Is that about us? :wink2: Old article but it shows the progress we are making year after year... http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=990DE0DF153EF932A35754C0A9619C8B63
  5. curtis909

    Mirror Mirror on the Wall

    Now this is a mirror true to my own heart. Maybe the next B&B offer we can do something like this with B&B on it...:001_smile
  6. curtis909

    Merkur 12c

    Hi guys I have been using a merkur 38c barber pole and am looking to pick up a merkur 12c barber pole i am curious to see how the open comb compares. If anyone can shed some light on this let me know. Also if anyone has one has a nice one they would like to unload pm me if you like.
  7. curtis909

    Number of passes..

    Guys i was wondering what's your average number of passes on a regular day.. I swear somedays I make so many passes I am not sure if I am bored or just enjoying shaving or trying to see how many before I get razor burn....:wink:
  8. curtis909

    President Obama Shave

    What do you think President Obama uses to shave.
  9. curtis909

    big win for usa today

    USA beat Spain 2-0 today in soccer maybe there is hope for us yet..:biggrin: Spain was number one in world so nice to see we can compete now and then....
  10. curtis909

    Barber News

    Always enjoy anything related to us....:biggrin: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/8083320.stm
  11. curtis909

    14 minutes to Smile and in German no less

    http://gallery.me.com/rasurpur#100017 And only one smile...:biggrin:
  12. curtis909

    One and Only Straight

    Quick question I have been using a DE for quite some time and now have an itch to try a straight. Can anyone tell me what is considered the best straight out there. I am trying not to repeat my DE life and own to many straights. So i would like to buy a top shelf one right from the start...
  13. curtis909

    Trumpers Brush

    Hello i was wondering if anyone can tell me who makes Trumpers brushes. I have a trumpers best badger large brush. Have had it for sometime and was looking to get a simpson chubby. Can someone tell me if they are similar I do not want to wind up with the same type of brush. Thanks
  14. curtis909

    Music to shave by

    I was reading some of the posts about stereo equipment yesterday and got to wondering what you would listen to if you could only pick one song to shave by. For me being a huge Carlos Santana fan it would be Curacion....
  15. curtis909

    slant to neck

    Quick question for the shaving gurus here. I have been wet shaving for some time using a merkur hd. I was wondering how much of a difference using a merkur slant would achieve. The thickness off my beard is like barbwire. Only with out pam anderson. In other words really course. I like...
  16. curtis909

    B&B 2009 brush offer?

    Hello new member here. Can anyone tell me if there will be a B&B special brush deal this year. I just found this site and missed the one i see you had last year. See what happens when you take to long to find a great site like this....:biggrin:
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