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    list item1. Gillette Razor some rust on the head Open Comb TypeSOLD$12.00100 list item 2. Schick Razor in great condition, no rust, no dings, no pits$8.00 $11.00100list item 3. This is starting to work out OK, I'm getting the hang of it!100 list item 455 list item 555 list item 655...
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    Prices on the Bay! Outrageous!

    These prices & auctions on ebay are getting to be totally & out right disgusting! ANY razor that is in great condition is going for a premium! Although it maybe some cheapies there, but they are few & far in between. They drive up the price, 2 to 3 days before the ending! Someone has to be TOP...
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    1st brush redo

    My 1st brush redo. I have 2 20mm's & 1 18mm knot. The long stove-pipe brush was just a clean-up. Knots from TGN. :blush:
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    How do you Clean a Pre-Owned Badger Brush?

    With all the hype I've read on shave brushes, I finally made a decision! I must admit my knowledge of shave brushes was very limited,not like my meager knowledge & prices of razors. I also admit, since I join B&B, I have learn a lot in that regard. And after today, with England and the Royal...
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    Feel Good Friday-Let"s see a Piece from your Collection!

    Today is FEEL GOOD FRIDAY. I"M FEELING GOOD! Every Friday I will post a piece from my (limited) Razor Collection(which won't take very long, next Friday I'll be done). Today it's my 1917 460B Triple-Silver Plated Open -Comb Standard Set Old Type. Let's see one of yours!!!!!:001_cool:
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    Look what came in the mail today!

    Sometimes I have this insationable urge to buy a razor. Why I don't know. But I bought it. Probably paid too much for it. Maybe because it's NOS NIB never used. But I want to use it really bad. I like injectors anyway, not as versed on them as on Double-Edges though. i have a Gillette Injector...
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    New to B&B

    Just wanted to say Hello to everyone. I'm new to B&B, however read quite a few threads. Just got the nerve to participate, been on the sidelines for too long now! Hello Hello Hello!
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    Dclassic's Entry into the B&B Hall of Fame

    Your user name here's Entry into the B&B Hall of Fame Please allow me to introduce myself: I'm DClassic Username: DClassic What is your real name? Derrell What are your nicknames/aliases? none Where do you live? Georgia What is your age (or) generation...
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