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  1. android

    Can anyone tell me what this is? And where to replace it?

    Sadly, my significant other dropped this while cleaning, and I can't remember which brush this is. Can anyone tell me what this is? I've owned it for years. The handle is 1.5" high, and the total height is about 3 inches. Thanks for the help. Also, would it be worth having someone use the brush...
  2. android

    What to do about a shedding brush

    I need some advice. I bought a used Rooney Super Silvertip from another member. So far it has shed 9 hairs, 5 hairs, and 4 hairs in the three times I've used it. I'm wondering if the shedding will stop after a few more shaves, or if I should return the brush to the maker for a replacement? (The...
  3. android

    Fun new toy, a gem of a razor!

    Just received a lovely pushbutton Gem razor from Shave4fun. Thanks! It is a lovely razor and quite unique in my experience of the Gem razor line. It is actually a mild razor! I was astonished. Even with that Ted Pella supersharp blade, I couldn't cut myself even when I tried. It's a nice...
  4. android

    Great Wall Rack for Razors from Target

    I found a terrific and inexpensive wall rack for razors from Target of all places. It is a product called the Tie and Belt Rack from Closet Maid. Sku # is 78053. Costs $8.99. It holds almost all types of razors (not straights, sorry). Easy to install, and holds 13 razors. I mounted mine right...
  5. android

    Great Brush Rack for the Wall from Target

    I found a terrific brush rack at Target. It is sku # 73045, and is called Chrome utility Hook from Closetmaid. It holds 3 brushes (see pics below). I did bend the hooks a little so it would fit a little better. Costs $5.99 I think. And although my lousy pictures don't show it, it is mounted...
  6. android

    Best Blade for GEM

    I am curious, what is folks favorite blade for a Gem Micromatic or G-Bar. I've only used the Ted Pella Teflon coated blades. Are there other blades that are good? I read somewhere that someone used a microtome blade. Thoughts?
  7. android

    In Praise of the Not So Pretty Toggle

    I highly recommend that if possible, you pick up a not so great condition Toggle. Like some plain women, having a not so pretty Toggle provides some great experiences. Buying a collectible Toggle costs too much and also creates guilt about shaving with it. I love my not so perfect Toggle. It's...
  8. android

    To Cork or Not to Cork, That is The Question

    As I see it, it all boils down to a direct comparison. Here's how I did it. I took my favorite Gillette Toggle out. Corked one edge of a Feather blade, running it lightly thru a cork about 4 times. Then I carefully put it in the toggle, noting which side of the toggle the corked edge was on...
  9. android

    How long does it take to get competent with a straight razor?

    I just got a Feather Straight razor, and I've tried shaving with it a couple of times, once with a Pro Guard blade, and once with a Pro Super blade. The Pro Guard was useless, hard to shave and left me with stubble. The Pro Super was a little better. But it is very hard to a) get a close shave...
  10. android

    "That's not a knife. THIS is a knife!"

    "That's not a knife. THIS is a knife!" Crocodile Dundee For those who believe size DOES matter, from Cole's in New York City...
  11. android

    My Visit to Pasteur's In New York City

    I've been meaning to post these pics for a while. Pasteur's has two stores in New York, one uptown at 63rd Street and Lexington and another downtown (I think 34th street). These are pics of the uptown store, which has quite a nice selection of soaps, creams, and even Simpson brushes. That's...
  12. android

    My Itty Bitty Striped Silvertip Travel Brush and Case

    I finally figured out the perfect super small travel brush and case. It's an Omega Sunshine Silvertip, which is about 2.5 inches tall, and fits perfectly into a standard pill vial, with holes drilled for ventilation. Check it out below:
  13. android

    Tweezerman Mod

    My home away from home brush has been my Tweezerman Badger brush, which used to look like this: http://www.shop.com/op/~His_Tweezerman_Deluxe_Shaving_Brush-prod-38303961-50859245?sourceid=298 So I decided to pretty it up. A few coats of nice blue laquer, and now it looks like this...
  14. android

    Shavemac VLB brush Review

    Okay, having shaved with both versions, I can post a review. The VLB is a variable loft brush that has a base that turns to extrude the brush head at variable lofts. There was a V1, which had some problems of sticky turning and jamming, and the new V2 which I review below. V2 (see pics) is...
  15. android

    Would anyone rent/lend me a Feather Straight?

    Here's the deal, I'd like to rent or borrow a Feather Straight, the one that takes Feather disposable blades. I've already got the blades (from using Feather Injectors), and would like to try out straight shaving without having to put a big investment in, as I am not sure it's my cup of tea. I'd...
  16. android

    Best source for M3 or Sensor 3 Cartridges

    Hi, As much as I love my Feathers, my IP's, there are times when I want a quick and easy shave, and my Mach 3 and Senor are the go-to razors for that. I tried buying M3 cartridges off Ebay, but ended up with some very inferior and most likely counterfeit cartridges. Can anyone recommend...
  17. android

    How to use Mama Bear Soaps

    Hi, I feel dumb asking this, but I've always used creams, and never soaps, so I don't know how to use my new Mama Bear soaps to shave with. I tried it once and got very thin, watery lather. How do you use them? Thanks. PS Using B&B Finest brush, and the Android Scuttle.
  18. android

    The Official Android Scuttle: My $6.95 Shuttle Experiment

    I finally figured out how to make a pretty nice Scuttle for keeping lather warm. I've fooled around with multiple bowls, etc, many of which were mentioned here, but never thought they worked as well as a real scuttle, but couldn't quite get myself to spend the $65 for Sara Bonnyman's Scuttle...
  19. android

    Get $30 of RAD stuff for only $15!!!

    I thought I'd let people know that if you go to your paypal homepage, there is a promo where you get $15 rebate if you spend $30 with paypal. The only caveats are that it can't be a Send Money transaction like buying a razor from another B&B member. It has to be with a paypal merchant. I bought...
  20. android

    Bic Metals at Walgreens.com

    Hi folks, for those of you who can't find the Bic Metals locally, I found them at Walgreens.com. http://tinyurl.com/36cmp4http://tinyurl.com/36cmp4 Shipping is expensive so it only makes sense if you buy 4 or 5 packages, or go in with someone else. I've got some on the way, and look...
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