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  1. Gatorade

    David Beckham playing in LA

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070111/sp_nm/soccer_beckham_dc_10 So what does this mean with reguards to soccer in Europe? Is he leaving just for the money? (Reportedly $250,000,000.00) Or is there change in the wind over there? I think I also remember something about the Glaisers that own the...
  2. Gatorade

    Go Gators!

    I am ordering Sports Illustrated as soon as the page is live! Think they would have a Football/Basketball special special edition?
  3. Gatorade

    Collector alert. Milord on ebay.

    Just an FYI but there is a really nice Milord on ebay right now. If it weren't for these forum brushes I would be all over it! However since I can't have it we may as well keep it in the family...
  4. Gatorade

    Best place to get an ipod?

    Ok since some of the saviest buyers I have ever seen are on this board I thought this would be a good place to pose this. My daughter is autistic and one of the therapies we use, uses audio tracks played in a range of frequencies to stimulate listening and comprehension of sounds. We have...
  5. Gatorade

    Shaving cream lather pics

    This is what you should be using every day when using creams. The pics below are not out of the ordinary at all. I use a 23mm Shavemac Silvertip and the small metal bowl shown in the pic. The lather is thick and there is always lots of it. I noticed on a couple other threads people mentioning...
  6. Gatorade

    NCAA Basketball preseason polls are out!

    1. FLORIDA (30) (33-6) 772 1 2. NORTH CAROLINA (23-8) 728 14 3. KANSAS (25-8) 714 22 4. OHIO ST (26-6) 595 13 5. (tie) PITTSBURGH (25-8) 583 18 5. (tie) UCLA (32-7) 583 2 7. LSU (27-9) 556 3 8. GEORGETOWN (23-10) 538 16 9. WISCONSIN (19-12) 530 NR 10. ARIZONA (20-13) 478 NR...
  7. Gatorade

    I saw Mason this morning!

    OK well it might not have been him but there was a brand new rig that had three other new rigs hitched up to it. Internationals. Goin along the 836 in Miami. I didn't get a chance to snap a pic but when I saw them he was the first thought in my mind, and here it is his birthday as well! I...
  8. Gatorade

    Star Trek Transporter.

    I heard this mentioned a couple days ago on a radio show. The context was if the host had access to the transporter from Star Trek he would transport himself onto a particular boat and go fishing. I didn't give it much thought but as the day wore on I kept thinking. If I had access to the...
  9. Gatorade

    Congrads to AandW and Auburn

    Congratulations guys, you played a heck of a game. You made the second half adjustments while we sat back and didn't. I was a little miffed that the replay didn't pick up that Leak had his arm in motion and the ball was out before the defender touched him. However Leak should never had allowed...
  10. Gatorade

    Full-blown Stage 3 RAD

    Well since I was called out on this... Here you go: Three piece razors TTO pre Super Speed 3 Ranger Techs with cases, 2 English Rockets, 1 Milord, 1 Ranger Super Speed missing link. Super Speeds (2) 70's SS, (2) 50's SS, (3) 40's SS, (3) 54' TV, (1)58' TV Adjustables...
  11. Gatorade

    Ranger? Not a Ranger?

    I got a razor the other day that I was pretty sure from the auction pic was a Ranger Tech. When I recieved it I thought it was a Ranger Tech. When I looked closer at it I am now not so sure. I have three Rangers and they don't have the cover on the side. They also have "Pat. Nos on pkg" on the...
  12. Gatorade

    What to do with empty tubs?

    While there are many here who will probably never see the bottom of an empty tub, I am sure there are some out there who have emptied the tubs before. Is there anything creative that has be done with them? Refilled with a tube? Storage? Hemet for a newborn? Blade bank? Jello mold? Sorry I'm...
  13. Gatorade

    Case ID help

    Can anyone ID this case? I know it isn't from the 40's SS that came in it and I have an idea but I want to confirm what it is first. Nothing special but I just don't know for sure.
  14. Gatorade

    PSO how do you use it?

    A friend gave me a jar of Origins Pre Shave Oil. I tried it this morning and liked the results but there may have been other factors. How do you use it? Label says to rub 4-5 drops onto a wet face before applying lather. So do you reapply inbetween passes? My hands felt a little...
  15. Gatorade

    Case ID help

    I have some cases. I know they are not in collector shape but I would like to match them up with the appropriate razor for sentimental reasons. I believe the skinny cases would take a thin tech or something like that. The lighter colored one has a name on it but I can't make it out. I took some...
  16. Gatorade

    Repinning a scale. Quick question...

    When re-pinning a new scale how much of the new pin do you leave sticking out to hammer down? I think it wouldn't me that much but I don't want to leave too much and have loose scales. I tried searching but didn't find the answer and am having trouble logging into SRP so this place seems...
  17. Gatorade

    Best Shave brand on ebay?

    Anyone know anything about the Best Shave brand that shaving-shack is selling on ebay? I have a friend who wants a shave set but to start on but isn't so sure about plunking down $250. I have seen these for a while but didn't know about the quality of the brush...
  18. Gatorade

    SRP Down?

    I have been trying to get onto SRP with no luck. Combine that with the server problems at SMF and I think there may be a Fusion conspiracy to stall the DE/straight users of the world form getting the word out!:eek: Seiously though anyone else having problems getting on SRP?:001_rolle
  19. Gatorade

    Strop Maintanence

    I have a used antique strop but haven't used it yet. I wanted to know what needs to be done to a strop to condition it if it hasn't been used in a while. Also it smells a little. I think it is just old leather and possibly had some sort of conditioner applied to it in the past and now has a...
  20. Gatorade

    Glycerine soap question.

    I have a bunch of small sample soaps that were "left over" from a sample give away at the gym. These were glycerin olive oil soap. They were specificly(sp?) for facial cleansing. I wanted to know is there anything different with shave soaps or can you use any glycerine soap and melt it in a bowl...
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