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    Like Tabac soap+splash+cologne? Or maybe a cream+ASB+EdT combo from one of the Ts? I've seen a few interesting combinations in the SoTD recently so...what's your favorite? And since I asked.... Sandalwood--QED soap w/ C&E cream, C&E ASB, Floris EdT
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    Sandalwood problem

    Sitting here soaking in the scent but my problem is I decided to give "superlather" another try and went a little overboard. I used QED Sandalwood soap(least favorite) with Salter's Sandalwood cream. I followed that up with C&E Sandalwood ASB(most favorite) and a bit of Floris Sandalwood...
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    Spray/atomizer cap for Thayer's

    I finally heard back from them and the cap is a "24/415" whatever that means. I was guessing it'd be like standard threading--length, turns per inch, etc. I checked about 4 bulk container places and all I saw were caps sized 24/410 or 22/415. Can any of the experts who do this or a living...
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    B&B/TESC and SCS questions

    I'm pretty sure these questions have been asked directly to the vendors themselves so rather than pile on.... The B&B brush is $110 which includes shipping. I was planning on also ordering the two Edwin Jagger creams and maybe a couple others and was wondering how this would complicate the...
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    Blade info

    Ballpark for years of production? Also which DE razors from Schick would have been used/marketed/etc. with this? I googled a bit but didn't find much. Lots of information on the Krona injectors but nothing on the DE. Thanks.
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    Borax and Brush Question

    For the first 3+ weeks I used a stand that held the brush around the hairs(where they enter the handle). I noticed what I assumed was soap scum or hard water deposits but after 3 soakings(once for over an hour...football distracted me) in borax(20 Mule) it seem unaffected. Should I just...
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    40 shaves in 40 nights

    Most of the rankings are based on a single use so take with a bucket of salt.
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    Better than expected..

    Just as I was starting to get anxious about electronic shipping numbers and an approaching weekend, two packages arrive. Have to commend Scotto(here, as well) and James Ayars. I haven't seen packing so thorough and intricate since my college days. Scotto went so far as to wrap the seams...
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    Yet Another DE Newb

    Utter newbie so this will be a jumble of things I've been stewing over for the few months I've lurked. I'm just going to list them and any questions I have. Hopefully it won't be too rambling. 1) I'm planning on ordering a Savile Row 208 from QED to tide me over until(fingers crossed) I...
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