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  1. Col. Conk Amber

    Col. Conk Amber

    Amber Shave Soap delivers just the slightest whiff of a refreshing resin, the hint of a cool forest and the promise of unexplored depths. It's the strong silent type, in short. Ingredients: Glycerin, Fragrance
  2. Toothpick

    Review by '' on item 'Arko shaving soap stick'

    when applied directly to the face it works well, but milled in to a bowl it works even better. i found that when i applied to my face if i left the lather to thick the razor would clog, easy fix tho. also a lot of product could get caught in your beard if you apply directly to your face, so make...
  3. Toothpick

    Review by '' on item 'Signature Mint Post-Shave Face Lotion'

    excellent post shave lotion! goes on thick, soaks in within minutes. it leaves my face feeling smooth and relaxed. the mint scent is not strong at all so applying a cologne afterwards isn't a problem.
  4. Signature Mint Post-Shave Face Lotion

    Signature Mint Post-Shave Face Lotion

  5. Toothpick

    Review by '' on item 'VAn Der Hagen Delux Shave Soap'

    very reasonable price. it took me a few practice runs and help form members here before i could work up a good lather. let some water rest on the puck for a few minutes to soften it up, load for about 3 minutes and face lather, the bowl didnt work for me. overall good for the price.
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