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  1. Disburden

    Better 8k?

    You are going to get a million answers for this depending on who uses what. I like the naniwa Snow White the best,I liked it a lot more than the shapton glass hones.
  2. Disburden

    First SE shave with MMOC

    I recommend the carbon blades. They shave smoother IMO and flex to the face better. Just dry them after like you would a straight razor. I think treet are my favorite.
  3. Disburden

    Notes From The Edge

    I'm glad it worked for you. Enjoy.
  4. Disburden

    Mother's metal polish as a stropping paste?

    For another weird solution, if you own a coticule, make a slurry and add mineral oil to it. Use that as a strop paste.
  5. Disburden

    Barbers hone to pasted strop?

    Yes I'd stick with one razor so you get used to the blade and the angle.
  6. Disburden

    Barbers hone to pasted strop?

    I keep a Franz swaty in my bathroom for touch ups. One of my razors has only been used on the swaty and a strop for years and it shaves wonderfully. That and a strop is honestly all you need...forever.
  7. Disburden

    Shaving Angry...Does Blade Shape and Grind Affect Comfort?

    Everyone has a different face and skin feel to different edges. It's just preference.
  8. Disburden

    Coticule love... show off your rock

    Welcome to the dark Side Gary. Lol.
  9. Disburden

    Chosera VS Shapton Glass

    I never liked the naniwa super stones. I Mich prefer shapton pro stones.
  10. Disburden

    Smooth vs sharp? Really?

    I will share my opinion which is sharp should be smooth if honed properly. If your not experiencing a good shave then your technique isn't there yet. A shavette edge is very very sharp, but they shave just as smooth.
  11. Disburden

    BBW as a one-hone?

    Keep in mind we also did a study several years ago on coticule.be and the old coticules with bbw GLUED on the back had a ineffective bbw side. The natural combos were better. They used useless bbw to back the glued stones.
  12. Disburden

    Naniwa 12K Equivalent

    Shapton pro 12k is nice.
  13. Disburden

    Williams Mug Soap and Dove Mix

    I honestly have no issues with modern williams either. I think it's great.
  14. Disburden

    BBW as a one-hone?

    Honestly I find bbw to be such a slow stone its not even worth it. Yellow Coticules do this much faster and better.
  15. Disburden

    Bought a bout from Jarred

    Nothing beats a good coticule edge in my opinion. However I would strongly suggest you don't get any more and just stick with two of them. They are bewitching. I know as I've had over 100 of them and spent thousands....
  16. Disburden


    This is a very good point. Too many fake jnats .
  17. Disburden

    Need a Jnat expert.

    Just beware when buying jnats in general. There are a huge amount of fakes out there and like Alex said you can't prove what mine a stone is from. Stamps don't matter either. A big seller out there IMO sells a lot of fakes I don't believe Nakayama Maruichi stones were hard to find 10 years ago...
  18. Disburden

    I might be in trouble. MMOC fault.

    I also like carbon blades more than stainless blades...Try them. I find they shave smoother. Just dry them after...light a straight razor. No big deal. My favorite are treet.
  19. Disburden

    Gem Razor Models

    I really can't decide on my favorite GEM. I love my micromatics. I love my damaskeene I love my g bar and pushbutton... They're all so great.
  20. Disburden

    I might be in trouble. MMOC fault.

    You have to ride the cap. If your'e having issues then your technique isn't as good as you thought.
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