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  1. DE_Dude

    My iron just broke. Any recommendations for a new one?

    My first instinct was to get on Amazon and see what the cheapest iron was that I could get away with, but I don't want another one that will break in a year. Any suggestions?
  2. DE_Dude

    Injector PIF

    Up for grabs in a user grade Schick Injector, Type E. This thing just plows through beard. In fact, it's a little too much on the aggressive side for me, so I'm letting it go. Open to anyone who has never tried either an injector, or a Type E. If you want in, just say so! Winner will be drawn...
  3. DE_Dude

    Legal advice for small claims court? Here's my situation.

    Hi B&B, I worked as a tutor for a small business that provides after-school lessons. I taught and created lesson plans, they provided the teaching space, took payment, and gave me a cut of the lesson fees, paying me as a contractor. When I left two months ago, after giving them two weeks...
  4. DE_Dude

    Straight + shave oil = my shaving dream team

    Hey B&B, After deciding to give straight shaving another chance, I picked up a Gold Dollar razor from B&B member HLS. Straight shaving was never as smooth as with my DE, and as I got started, I felt it again--maybe it's my lather, but the razor doesn't glide as evenly as my good ol' Merkur 23c...
  5. DE_Dude

    Stylish shoes for wide feet?

    Hey B&B! Another thread here got me thinking about footwear. Having wide feet (8 wide or 8 1/2 wide, usually), finding nice shoes sucks. My fiancee will often show me a pair of shoes when we're out shopping that she thinks would look great on me, until I put them on and my heels are all...
  6. DE_Dude

    Speick edc CONUS PIF!

    A fellow B&Ber PIFed me a bottle of Speick cologne (practically full), warning me that it doesn't smell like the cream or the aftershave. He was right--it doesn't! I detect old lady smell. If you're brave enough to try it, say you're in, I'll draw from random at noon (Eastern time) tomorrow...
  7. DE_Dude

    Buzz cutting your own hair & back of neck area?

    Hey B&B. My fiancee usually cuts my hair for me at home (I like having very short hair, #2 and the neck is shaved with a DE), but she's out of town and it's time for a haircut. For those who buzz cut their own hair, how do you handle the back of the neck area? If I give myself a #1 all over, is...
  8. DE_Dude

    "Noise cancelling" headphones on a budget

    Hey B&B! I'm looking to get some new headphones to replace my old Sennheisers. Besides using them at home, I want to use them on a plane for long flights. Over the ear is great because it cancels some of the roaring jet engine sound. The Bose noise cancelling ones are great, but pricey, so I'm...
  9. DE_Dude

    Old Spice Whitewater--same or different scent in aftershave and body spray?

    Hey B&B! I love Old Spice Whitewater splash. I just used it after a great shave (followed up by Every Man Jack cooling balm) and my face feels fantastic. All menthol tingly and exploding with that awesome Whitewater scent. I like it so much, I asked my girlfriend to bring me the deodorant stick...
  10. DE_Dude

    just pulled the trigger on a Semogue 1460!

    I love my Omega 49, but want something smaller. I sold my Semogue 620 because I didn't like the dry, stiff feeling the bristles had compared to the luxurious (yet springy and firm) feel of the Omega. Did I pick a winner, here?
  11. DE_Dude

    B&Bers playing Chess with Friends or similar social games?

    I started playing chess with friends after getting tired of playing random cheaters on words with friends. So far, it's a good time. Anyone else playing this one? If there's a better similar free app I'm open to other ones too!
  12. DE_Dude

    Why do you carry a pocket knife?

    Do you really find yourself using it that often? I keep a pair of scissors in my car's glovebox for opening packages when out and about, but I don't find myself in other situations where I really need a pocketknife. But they look really cool, and threads with awesome pictures of pocket knives...
  13. DE_Dude

    Got my first G-Shock! Anybody else into rubbery watches?

    The title says it all. Here it is, along with the Old Spice Fresh I got as an early b-day present. My other watch is a big (kinda) Fossil with a metal band, so I'm having a great time with this lightweight one. I hit it on a wall pretty hard yesterday and spilled coffee on it today. Either of...
  14. DE_Dude


    Hey B&B, At my local cigar shop, they have tiny cigarillos about the size of a cigarette that cost less than a dollar. I'm no cigar expert, but have enjoyed several great cigars for around $5. Should I give these a shot, or stay away? And does anyone else enjoy cigarillos in general? I...
  15. DE_Dude

    Any other B&Bers playing the turn-based strategy game Uniwar on iOS/Android?

    I started getting into this game a couple weeks ago. For those who don't know it, it's kind of like Starcraft strategy meets Words with Friends multiplayer. Not bad for 99c. It's almost as fun as shaving! Not really. :wink2: But if you play, let me know and I'll add you!
  16. DE_Dude

    Which is the best inexpensive shavette and why?

    I have a Parker SR1 that shaves alright. It's fun, but the results are never as smooth as with my DE. Just how different are the other shavettes? I'm especially curious to know if the different Parker models shave any differently. And I know Feather AC is supposed to be the best...
  17. DE_Dude

    How many times a day can you moisturize?

    I especially wonder this for the guys with dry skin. If you put on moisturizer (or use balm) after shaving and after washing your face or showering, that's 2 times a day. If you take more than one shower and wash your face again (after a workout, for example), that's probably a 3rd time...
  18. DE_Dude

    What's your favorite 444 mix?

    Mine is Old Spice Whitewater. :w00t: It goes great with the menthol in 444. When it mixes, something magical happens!! I wish I had gotten a chance to try it with Adidas Dynamic Pulse, but my bottle ran out before the 444 arrived. I think some scents mix with it better than others. Old...
  19. DE_Dude

    Pilot razors?

    Hey guys, I saw another thread on these, but I'm not asking if anyone's tried them yet (ok, I kind of am), but also wondering if this is a NEW product, since I've never heard it before. The Pilot safety razor! 2 models are on Amazon. The Endeavor: And the Magnum, which is about an inch...
  20. DE_Dude

    Speick & Musgo Real: Splash vs. Balsam vs. Cologne, for a dry skinned dude.

    So, I've tried Speick and Musgo splashes and I love them. They smell great, and refreshing sensation of splashing them on after a shave is fantastic. But--I can just barely get away without having to use a moisturizer afterwards (summer was fine, but I don't know if I'll be able to get away with...
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