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  1. rtaylor61

    Rossi RS 22LR

    Picked up a pair of these for $89 each. Mossberg Plinkster guys. Now waiting on the Mossberg 25 rd magazine.
  2. rtaylor61

    Dash Cams

    Got one that you love? Hate? What brand? What do you like/dislike? Looking for a late Christmas present!
  3. rtaylor61

    Digital Food Scales

    My scale has vanished, so time to replace. What have you got that you like? What have you got that you don't like? Looking forward to some great replies! RT
  4. rtaylor61

    Diabetic Supply Bag

    Hi folks! I've carried a Atwater Carey bag for my diabetes supplies since 2000. It's getting quite worn. I haul around 2 vials of insulin and a Victoza pen, plus a few extra syringes and pen needles. Looking around, I'm not finding anything that blows my skirt up. Anyone have a favorite bag?
  5. rtaylor61

    Boiled Eggs

    I recently started boiling my eggs by STARTING with boiling water. 10 minutes at a low simmer, cold water bath and then peel. Prep the eggs for peeling by dumping all of the water, then rattling them around in the pan. Peeling is a bruise. No "green" ring around the yolk. I'm wondering. Why...
  6. rtaylor61

    Do you only need three knives?

    Agree or disagree? https://www.yahoo.com/food/the-only-3-knives-you-need-108274822289.html Randy
  7. rtaylor61

    Really. It is.

    No matter what others say, shaving is a science. Randy
  8. rtaylor61

    Henry Rifle

    I don't know why, but I see a Henry Rifle in my future. I've got a perfectly good M10/22. Still... Randy
  9. rtaylor61

    Bullet vs. Ninja

    If I've overlooked a thread, I apologize. Looking to get either a Bullet or Ninja system. Your thoughts? Randy
  10. rtaylor61

    Moto X

    For a brief moment, it looked like I might be switching to a Windows phone. Alas, my carrier just doesn't offer anything decent. So after doing a bit of research, it looks like my next phone will be the Moto X. Any users? Likes, dislikes? Randy
  11. rtaylor61

    The importance of labels

    After my move last year, my "stash" was stored, and I finally got it back a couple of weeks ago. So I'm having a good time getting re-acquainted with my soap stash. Used a great soapo on Sunday night. Nice, creamy, slick lather. Great smell. No idea what it is or where it came from. :scared: f...
  12. rtaylor61

    1 lb of hamburger, what to make?

    Okay. Not looking to be gourmet. Don't want burgers. Don't want tacos. But I'm cooking dinner tonight. Creative ideas? Randy
  13. rtaylor61

    Will G

    Had a great shave today with Will G's Blend #7. Does anyone remember Will G? One of the early ebay soap sellers. RIP Will! Randy
  14. rtaylor61

    Chicken & Dumplings

    It's almost 2:00 pm. It's 59 degrees. That means cool weather meals are right around the corner. Or tonight! And my choice is chicken & dumplings. I've had a chicken in the crock pot since 7:30. I'll pull it out at 3:00. De-bone the chicken, strain the broth, and then add the dumplings. Perfect...
  15. rtaylor61

    C&E $35 Badger

    I've been using the C&E Best Badger for over a year. Exclusively. When I moved, I carefully packed all of me other brushes and kept this out, figuring to use it for maybe a month. But it's been almost 18 months. I hereby declare that I know more about this brush than anyone else in the shaving...
  16. rtaylor61

    Windows Phones

    I'm in cell phone hell. My Samsung died. I miss my iPhone. I'm using an old Android for the time being, waiting for my upgrade time. And I'm thinking...I want a Windows phone. If you have a Windows phone, please tell me your likes and dislikes. I'm interested in only hearing about Windows...
  17. rtaylor61

    That ONE piece of shaving gear you no longer have.

    Think carefully before answering. What is the ONE piece of shaving gear that you owned, but no longer have, and really regret getting rid of. For me, my Simpson Duke 2 in Best Badger. Traded it for a chapeau. That I can't find. Randy
  18. rtaylor61


    Storage unit raided. BOX full of shaving creams and soaps rescued (after a year). Finally got back my TOBS Shaving Shop back! Life is good! :thumbup1: Oh, guess I better think about getting the rest of my stuff out of storage... Randy
  19. rtaylor61

    The (Not So Joyous) Joy of Experimenting

    Moving sucks, and basically all of my shaving gear is still in storage since last April. Since August, I've been using the same shaving tools, everyday, save for the razor blade. All good things come to an end, or should I say, my supplies that I did have on have were exhausted, so I ordered...
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