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  1. Disburden

    Coticule tip

    Good morning everyone I thought I would share a tip on coticule honing that I've been using for some time now. Recently I've been trying to get the most out of one of my continues, which was a slight struggle. The shaves tugged a little under the chin. I decided to try something of a pyramid...
  2. Disburden

    Barber video.honing and shave

    Hi all Not sure if this was ever shared before but I found this video on you tube today. Not sure if anyone here can translate? Stone seems to be cuticle with oil Pasted stroppy seems to be dovo red and black paste? He also hand strops like Livi
  3. Disburden

    WTB Green La Verte Coticule

    Good morning everyone. I am looking for a Green LA Verte Coticule from yesteryear. I know that these aren't sold or mined anymore from Ardennes, but they were my favorite Coticules to finish on. I had a 6X2 several years ago and would like to revisit that experience. If anyone has a green...
  4. Disburden

    Finishing on Mejiro slurry

    Tonight I decided to use my jnat and hone using nagura. I have struggled learning this method and always seem to get a varying result after finishing on tomo nagura. I decided to stop at mejiro and see what the shave test is like. The sharpness tests seem really good though. Has anyone tried...
  5. Disburden

    Softer coticules are for razors.

    Good morning everyone! I found it interesting that while exploring the Ardennes website this morning there is now a layer info section which explains the properties of La Gross Blanch, La Veinette, etc. Ardennes specifies which are better for tools, chisels, and razors. All of the layers that...
  6. Disburden

    Missing Coticule honing stick?

    Good evening! I remember a few months ago there was a sticky by a well known member here that showed one stone honing on coticules and then a finish on Jnat stones. I could have sworn it was a sticky but now I can't find it. Anyone know what happened to this videos? Thanks!
  7. Disburden

    Japanese stones hardness test.

    I know I have seen it somewhere but can't find it. Is there a time table around for testing how hard your stone is with a drop on water? I know if you leave water on the stone how long it takes for the stone to drink the water is a measure for hardness but how long will it take for a hard stone?
  8. Disburden

    Small old Thuringian finer than dark blue Escher (big one)?

    Does anyone with both stones share the same idea that this may be true? This evening I was playing with a new routine of mine and I decided to try to finish on my Dark BLue Escher with just water. It was no where near as fine at my little Thuringian in the box with just water (It's a light grey...
  9. Disburden

    New Thurginian Grit

    Hi, Guys! Just a question about the new Muller Thuringian hones. Are they a high grit like the vintage ones? Can I use them after my naniwa 12k as a finisher like I could with a vintage one or an Escher one? Or are they lower grit and not suitable for what I need?:confused1
  10. Disburden

    shaving guide book from 1905.

    This was posted on SRP and I haven't seen it on here yet, this is a very cool book/guide on how to use a straight from 1905. One of the most amazing parts is the explanation that COLD water actually gives you better results since the hair isn't softened to the point of being hard to cut and...
  11. Disburden

    The GEM grip

    For quite a few months now my GEM clog proof has been sitting in the cabinet unused with about 200 Ted Pella blades. When I first used this razor, I hated it, it raked up my face, there was blood everywhere. I decided this GEM Fad was really just a fad and the razors were more of a cool factor...
  12. Disburden

    The 15$ find!

    I had to show off what I found at a local shop the other day. The straight is a Dubl Duck Special no.1 and the DE is a Gillette NEW Goodwill version. I got both of them for 15$ total. I will be going back there a lot in the future since they had a ton of straights and I use straights daily...
  13. Disburden

    The Very First Straight Shave.

    I didn't shave this morning before work. I had to be at the bank before 8:00am this morning so I didn't have any time to shower, prep, and then take my time on the shave. Plus I had a woman present that may barge into the bathroom while I am trying to figure out the straight on day number one...
  14. Disburden

    My first straight razor.

    I just purchased a Original Wapienica Razor from Ruprazor.com. Has anyone had any rexperience from buying through this site? In the discription for the razor it says there is a three month honing warrantee and the razors come honed stropped and shave ready. I have yet to purchase a Tony Miller...
  15. Disburden

    Gillette NEW improved shave

    So I ordered a gold type NEW improved from 1926 on Joe's Collectibles the other day for 30.00$. Delivery was really quick, got it on Monday. I seriously didn't expect it until the end of the week. I am definitely buying from Joe again! The razor is a really handsome looking shaver. Came in...
  16. Disburden

    Ebay: Gillette old type

    Has anyone seen this one yet? Buy it now price seems low. Is the wear inside the head too bad for use? http://cgi.ebay.com/Rare-Antique-OLD-type-Gillette-Vintage-Razor-Set-case_W0QQitemZ260285223203QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?_trksid=p3286.m20.l1116#ebayphotohosting
  17. Disburden

    Merkur HD no more! Fat boy! .

    I think I am no longer going to use my HD. The past three-four days I have had the best shaving experiences with my 1958 Gillette Fatboy. I could never get such a close shave with the HD. I was only using it at 2-3 with a Feather blade. I can't believe I was struggling to get BBS with the Merkur...
  18. Disburden

    Using a Preshave Oil.

    Hey guys! I was browsing around the other day and saw some people mentioning pre-shave oils as a way to protect your skin before lathering up your face. I ordered some Musgo Real from Classic Shaving and tried it out today. Are you supposed to reapply this stuff before each lather/pass? I...
  19. Disburden

    Semi- Newbie with a question about Adjustables.

    Hello Everyone! First off, I would love to say I am so happy I found out about this site and wet shaving in general. The difference it has made on my morning routine was profound. I will never shave with a Mach III ever again. I started shaving with DE about two months ago. Like...
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