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  1. AsylumGuido

    1958 Executive

    I came across this beauty at a flea market up in the Ozarks. A 1958 (D-3) Executive in fantastic condition. The thing is I have not seen an Executive this early. It was, of course, in a mismatched case. Anybody know of these this early?
  2. AsylumGuido

    Vintage Gillette Blade Dispenser

    Hello old friends, Long time, no see. I have a question for my fellow collectors. Does anyone have any info on the blade dispenser shown below. It is wall mounted and coin operated and appears to work with five blade packs.
  3. AsylumGuido

    Back again ...

    ... and will need to transition back in. To all my safety razor friends I need to let you know that I went through a bout with colon cancer. All is good now ... minus eight inches of the sigmoid region of my colon. It didn't spread. I am planning to be more vocal about this soon here...
  4. AsylumGuido

    Very fun find! No. 00G

    I was fortunate to come across this beauty yesterday after my son's college swim meet. I really love road trips. :biggrin: A nice little No. 00G set.
  5. AsylumGuido

    Identifying the Three Piece Gillettes

    I was very recently asked if I could post a pictorial of the differences between the Gillette three piece razors. Well, Achim has an excellent resource already on his site. Of course, it is in German. :biggrin: History of Gillette Safety Razors But, I'll include a few of his pictures here...
  6. AsylumGuido

    My "Collection"

    I have been asked many times about my razor "collection" and have seen many fine collections posted recently. Well, first of all, I really don't see myself as a collector, but more of a pack rat that enjoys the history of the razors. I have no real desire to have the most mint or the most...
  7. AsylumGuido

    What is and isn't a Gillette "Clone"

    I have heard the mention of "Gillette clones" quite a bit recently. In most cases the term is not used correctly. Over the years there have been hundreds of double edge razors manufactured. There are only so many different ways to make a three piece that works with standard blades. You can...
  8. AsylumGuido

    *** WOW!! Safety Razor Blade News!! ***

    Look up at the top of the Safety Razor forum and you will see a brand new addition ... The Safety Razor Blade Sub-Forum! It is a one stop location for all that is blades! I even have a feeling that there may be more coming in this brand new forum. Therefore, if you have any questions...
  9. AsylumGuido

    A New New Variant

    Here's another new one that I have never seen. It is yet another Red & Black Set entry, except this one is different from any other, so far. It has the smooth top version of the common bar handle, but ... the neck is just like the hybrid Norfolk variant Rodd, and a couple of others...
  10. AsylumGuido

    A new Old Type for me

    Yesterday I receive a razor as part of trade. It was acquired off one of the European eBays and all I had to go off from my trade partner was an iffy eBay photo. The razor appeared to be a Standard Single Ring Old Type. Upon opening the package an immediate difference jumped out at me. It...
  11. AsylumGuido

    Nickel News

    We were discussing the rarity of the nickel plated American Gillette New razors in a BST ad thread and I thought it might be better served here. If any of you have an American made New with the case we would love to see them. Here is a picture of one I found online in the Red and Black case...
  12. AsylumGuido

    Corn Razor Tidbit

    In case you didn't know, we have been having a little discussion on the corn razor in the thread titled "Anyone ever seen one of these before?" I have been aware of this subset of safety razors for some time now, but never had the inkling to really delve into them. For those of you not aware...
  13. AsylumGuido

    Single Ring ... and others ... rescue

    Okay, a couple from this weekend ... this one will be moving into my display cabinet. It will be replacing my 1919 in case. But, it is kinda purty, no? A little less delicate, but only made in 1930 ... Not a bad brush either, huh?
  14. AsylumGuido

    Brush ID help needed

    Hi! I came across this brush yesterday and was wondering if anyone could give me a positive ID. It came in this Rooney box complete with the instruction card. There was no sticker on the brush itself other than the one pictured, but there did a appear to be some residue where one may have...
  15. AsylumGuido

    1904 Double Ring

    I had to share my most recent "rescue" with the world. Something this beautiful just needs to be seen. The 1904 Gillette Double Ring This Double Ring is one of just over 25,000 produced in 1904 with the "PAT. APL'D FOR" on the handle and also serial numbered. The first 55,000 produced...
  16. AsylumGuido

    Safety Razor Of the Week, 2/1 – 2/7 The Stahly Live Blade

    The Stahly Live Blade First of all, I would like to thank thirdeye for inviting me to contribute this week's entry into Safety Razor of Week archive. After a bit of thought over which of history's great razors to introduce, the obvious hit me. The Stahly Live Blade, one of my favorite...
  17. AsylumGuido

    Brush ID?

    Here is a very handsome brush I came across this weekend. It was in fantastic shape and handled an Em's cleaning like a champ. There are no other markings beyond "Made in West Germany" on the base. It appears to be a very thickly laminated wooden handle with a chrome upper. It is a nice...
  18. AsylumGuido

    Canadian Schick

    I have one here I'd like to share. It is a Type E, bakelite handled Schick from Canada. The USA Schicks from the era are labeled as Eversharp razors, instead. This one comes with the WWII era blade injector. Anyone else have one of these?
  19. AsylumGuido

    Another SE ID Needed

    Hey SE guys. I have a new one here. It's a 1912 gold GEM Junior, but with a twist ... a black metal handle. I have never seen this handle before and have spent the past two weeks trying to identify it. My best guess is that it was a military issue. Anyway, have at it. Any info?
  20. AsylumGuido

    Time to brag!

    This afternoon at 3:45 my son, Patrick, signs his Letter of Intent with the University of New Orleans swim team. He had been contacted by several schools and had narrowed it down and only visited two based upon the specialized degree program he is pursuing, Film Study. To say the least, we are...
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