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  1. ponykilr

    Gillette New LC, replated by RP with 2 handles

    I have a New LC I purchased which came with a fat Tech handle. It was in good condition but being a nickel guy.... I had Chris replate it in bright nickel including the Tech handle. I also purchased a repro ball end from RE. The New is extremely nice, perfectly straight and shaves great. I just...
  2. ponykilr

    Several vintage Gillettes, FB, Slim, SS, Tech plus more

    These just do not get used. Prices are shipped and include PP G&S. First is a Gillette Fat Boy, replated by Chris at Razorplate when owned by the previous owner (member here). It includes a case and blades. Really nice razor that functions perfectly. Date is F4. $100
  3. ponykilr

    I know it’s been asked before: Cologne like Proraso Green?

    I found some older threads, but wonder if anything new has been discovered. I am solidly an Old Spice lover but I bought some Proraso Green aftershave and my wife attacked me....so I’d like to find a cologne or maybe a longer lasting lotion that is very similar. I saw Proraso makes cologne now...
  4. ponykilr

    Lawless’ Razor sale and Wunderbar search

    I will be listing a few razors for sale over a period of days. Prices include shipping CONUS but can ship other places for what it costs. I am looking for a RR Wunderbar and will purchase yours or trade toward it. First is a British Flat Bottom Tech. It is in very good condition, super clean...
  5. ponykilr

    FSOT RR Game Changer and BBS plus more

    I realize I have been here a relatively short time. I have 100% feedback on AR15.com under the same user name and 100% on eBay under the same username. I have a Game Changer .68 with the Bulldog handle plus .68 JAWS plate. Used the JAWS plate 2 times, P plate is unused. I cleaned it well and...
  6. ponykilr

    Help. Me.

    When stropping (I have watched videos and have a beater to practice with) do I let the spine contact the strop?
  7. ponykilr

    I bought some Old Spice cologne

    And my wife is crazy for it! I had forgotten how good it smells. Retro FYW!
  8. ponykilr

    I have a straight coming, what is the best value strop?

    My dad had a nice antique leather strop but my sister not I can find it. What is the best value strop? style="width: 100%" |- | style="width: 16.6667%" | | style="width: 16.6667%" | | style="width: 16.6667%" | | style="width: 16.6667%" | | style="width: 16.6667%" | |...
  9. ponykilr

    Handle help : New Vs. Tech Ball End

    Does anyone have both and can take a picture side by side? What is the weight difference? I have an extra Ball End Tech handle and am wondering how well it will look and work on a New Long Comb. I know the older handles are hollow so there’s probably a weight and diameter difference. I can...
  10. ponykilr

    Gillette New and Old heads work with Tech handle?

    Same threads?
  11. ponykilr

    Do I need a Fat Boy?

    I have read many of you don’t particularly love them, but to round out my TTO razors do I want one? I think I do. Who has a really nice one they’re tired of 😂 What is the allure of these that they are so sought after by the hipsters?
  12. ponykilr

    I was sent an old razor

    I know nothing really about straight razors. A fellow from another message board sent it to me. Any information on what i have here would be appreciated. Also, should it be cleaned up/polished or left as is? Wade & Butcher Sheffield
  13. ponykilr

    They’re Here!

    Found em for $7 ea. Cant explain why I’m so excited to try em LOL
  14. ponykilr

    Making your own?

    I am a soaper although I have not made any this year. I typically make some for Christmas gifts and such. What are the attributes of good shaving soap and what extra additives provide them? I am thinking about attempting a batch. I assume super fat style for slickness would be best with some...
  15. ponykilr

    A DE for my wife.

    My wife has asked me a time or two about a DE razor for her to use. Is the Lady Gillette the best option? I would like to find her a pretty nice one as a gift. I thought about a Krona but as mild and easy as they are to use, they aren’t a “lady’s razor” specifically and I’m not as sure she’d...
  16. ponykilr

    I received the wrong Sharks

    I have come to like Shark Super Chrome blades. So, I found an eBay deal for 1000 @ $50. The blades arrived today and they are not Super Chromes but say Platinum on them. Are these just different packaging or different altogether? Are they considered better? Worse? Not sure if I should contact...
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