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  1. Crazy Chester

    Gillette Silver Blue longevity

    Gillette Silver Blues are the third blade I have tried in my initial assortment. I have been very impressed with the sharpness, smoothness and longevity of them. I can get 10 shaves out of them and they don't feel dull. The problem is that on about the 7th or 8th shave I cut myself, which I...
  2. Crazy Chester

    Soaps and creams for dry skin

    I've been doing DE shaving for about a month now and I love it. The only issue I have is that some soaps leave my 65 y/o skin feeling dried out. VDH Luxury soap was the worst example of this. I have always liked Creamo but it doesn't lather. The best thing I have found so far is Proraso Blue...
  3. Crazy Chester

    Newby question about creams and soaps

    I'm confused about the distinction between soaps and creams. For instance is Proraso in a tube a cream and the equivalent in a tub a soap? Exactly how are the products different? Thanks
  4. Crazy Chester

    Second Post

    My 34C arrived along with the usual assortment of blades. I have to say this thing lives up to it's reputation. Solid as a rock and gentle as a kitten. I had some Creamo on hand that worked well with my Mach 3 so I started with that. My beard is pretty light and undemanding so I had some...
  5. Crazy Chester


    Greetings gentlemen, I'm 65 years old and for the first time in my adult life I've decided to go clean shaven (yes I'm a semi-reconstructed hippie). I started researching the best way to go about this and it became obvious that the plastic things were not the way to go. I have a Mekur HD coming...
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