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  1. GaryTha

    300 shaves on one DE blade!?!!

    It is just as valid to ask "What's the point of not doing it?" I got around 140 shaves out of my last blade. I'm about 80 into my current blade. I've stopped counting. 100 is easy. My point is "I feel like it." Is there a better reason?
  2. GaryTha

    2020-2024 Leap Year Restraint/2020s Restraint (10 years)

    You can add your name to the list if you've been restraining.
  3. GaryTha

    2020-2024 Leap Year Restraint/2020s Restraint (10 years)

    I've been busy restraining without effort. I don't come often to B&B as I'm into another project.
  4. GaryTha

    2020-2024 Leap Year Restraint/2020s Restraint (10 years)

    Reasonable time early is fine. You define reasonable.
  5. GaryTha

    2020-2024 Leap Year Restraint/2020s Restraint (10 years)

    Put up digital signs and change them every day.
  6. GaryTha

    Best 2020 soaps? (lather wise)

    William's Mug soap
  7. GaryTha

    Reversing Blades

    I get about 140 shaves per blade. Flipping doesn't make a difference to me. I do stick with the first edge for about 80 shaves and then use the second one.
  8. GaryTha

    Are there movies or TV shows you won't watch because of an actor/actress is in a starring role?

    I haven't had a TV since 2013. I only had it then because it came free with the internet.
  9. GaryTha

    Okay, fess up. When you started this year you had enough shave soap in the house to last at least a year

    I bought 24 pucks of Williams Mug Soap at the beginning of the year.
  10. GaryTha

    Package opening post or Discussion with my wife today:

    I took it in a joking manner.
  11. GaryTha

    Coast to coast in 27 hours.

    Supporting people breaking the law with impunity has become a political issue. The thread should be locked.
  12. GaryTha

    Coast to coast in 27 hours.

    I hope they wore masks when they stopped.
  13. GaryTha

    Overall How Do You Rate Your Skin For Shaving?

    By definition, only 17% of the population has skin that is one standard deviation more sensitive than average. Fortunately, Williams Mug Soap works for almost everyone.
  14. GaryTha

    Blade rotation benefits

    This is a good idea. You could have sharp, smooth, and durable on the axis. If you color-coded the boxes, you could add popularity.
  15. GaryTha

    Have you ever made a list of all the brushes you’ve tried?

    1. Cremo Horsehair. It's perfect. No need to try another.
  16. GaryTha

    I Wish Soap Makers Would Focus More on Scents Than Bases

    Have you tried Aqua Velva with Williams?
  17. GaryTha

    Way too much soap

    I have 25 pucks of Williams. At 250 shaves/puck, they should last about 17 years. I have 145 Astra SP blades. I use three a year. I walk about five times as many miles as I drive. My last tank of gas lasted five months.
  18. GaryTha

    Why Don't You Use A Straight Razor?

    Perhaps that is true in your line of work.
  19. GaryTha

    Lukewarm Water

    After a couple lukewarm showers, my skin is soft and the flakiness gone. I can even fluff my hair over a dark phone screen and not see any flakes. I use Ivory Soap. Sometimes, it pays to be a moderate.
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