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  1. Blackland Razors

    Cerakote Coated Razors

    I wouldn’t worry about blade gap issues. The blade gets positioned slightly higher due to the coating, but since the coating is also on the safety bar the relative gap remains unchanged. Plus, as mentioned above, it’s pretty thin anyway. I have a few cerakoted razors and haven’t noticed any wear.
  2. Blackland Razors

    Which Blackbird?

    The 85mm is by far the most popular handle and outsells the 101mm by a large multiplier. Having said that, a fair number of customers are die-hard long handle fans and can’t imagine the Blackbird with anything but the 101mm. If you’re really on the fence I recommend buying it with both handles...
  3. Blackland Razors

    Vegan strop

    Portland Razor Co makes one: https://www.portlandrazorco.com/strops/deluxe-green-vegan-felt-straight-razor-strop No experience with it, but these guys know their straights so I'd feel comfortable buying it were I in the market.
  4. Blackland Razors

    shaving disabled

    Something like this could be cool. You could add a different soap to each compartment which gives you variety without having to replace the soap in your bowl every time you want a new experience. Squared and suction-cupped. Not exactly sure of scale or if you have enough counter space...
  5. Blackland Razors

    shaving disabled

    My first thought is to use a squared suction cup bowl. Stick it on your counter so it can't move. Square so that the soap you put in it can't rotate around. A quick search hasn't shown exactly what I'm looking for. Lots of round options, but no squared ones yet. If you can find this I think it...
  6. Blackland Razors

    Which Blackbird?

    My recommendation is to pick the safety bar unless you need to hack through multi-day growth or you just love OC razors. The Blackbird SB is efficient enough for the vast majority of users and it is a bit smoother than the OC.
  7. Blackland Razors

    What exactly are USA these Personnas?

    These ones are interesting. With 99% certainty, they are Lab Blues (the only blade made in the USA), but some people think the coating is different. I see no evidence of that, but I also don't know for sure. The blades are made here and then packaged in Mexico. And yes, Personna is the most...
  8. Blackland Razors

    Personna Lab Blues - Once again, are these real?

    Personna changes packaging constantly. Boxes change colors, wrappers change from printed to plain, and blades can be smudgy ink or laser etched. All the same blade and they have not changed. The only defining characteristic of Lab Blues that makes them identifiable is the Made in USA markings...
  9. Blackland Razors

    Is the Blackland Sabre the only SS SE to use Gem blades?

    Currently, yes. As mentioned above, the ATT G1 and Rocnel are the only other modern SS GEM razors, but are not in production. Phoenix currently makes the Starling aluminum GEM razor which is the best bang for the buck in terms of modern GEMs.
  10. Blackland Razors

    How to increase blade feel

    There isn't much you can do. The Kai will help slightly. Otherwise your only option is to add a shim or two. The problem with that, of course, is that you'll also increase the blade gap. Blade exposure isn't something that can be readily changed so if it's a real problem you'll eventually just...
  11. Blackland Razors

    Vector Open Comb (won't last)

    I think this is fair and I agree that it doesn't improve on the Vector. What it does do is bring another viable option for those who need/want one. Some like open comb for multi-day growth, some prefer it for the lather flow, and some guys just like using something different. Most will be...
  12. Blackland Razors

    Blackland Vector Advice

    Balance isn’t necessary when the head weighs close to nothing. The Vector head is meant to be a precision implement that you can whip around like an extension of your hand rather than something you have to balance against. Have you ever used an X-Acto knife? The weight is entirely in the handle...
  13. Blackland Razors

    Blackland Vector vs Sabre (looking for info on Sabre before buying)

    Expecting to have a smallish batch stocked in the next few works and another batch is about to get started.
  14. Blackland Razors

    Razor Stand, needed or not?

    Nope. It's entirely up to you. One advantage of stands is that they help reduce the bumping which leads to damage that can happen when razors are stored together in a drawer or cabinet so it can be a sort of insurance for expensive razors.
  15. Blackland Razors

    Your best AC razor?

    Not exactly sure yet, but on the order of a couple weeks.
  16. Blackland Razors

    Blackland Blackbird Opinion

    That is the best way to care for a razor, but I personally just unscrew the handle a turn or so and leave the blade in. You want the blade to dry between shaves so letting air get to the blade is the most important thing, however you decide to do that.
  17. Blackland Razors

    Maybe I should give up on trying to buy US artisans shipping rates are ridiculous

    International shipping is just super expensive unless you do large enough volume to drop your rates. This is where companies like Maggard come into play.
  18. Blackland Razors

    Review: the Blackland Tradere (pre-launch)

    The detail work on the original is pretty messy, to be honest. In particular, the way they ended the knurling is certainly not ideal. The updates were necessary to fix that.
  19. Blackland Razors

    My new Blackland Tradere has arrived (photo heavy)

    Glad to hear the handle arrived safely! If anyone has a lead with the Weber designer(s) I'd definitely consider it. But frankly I don't find the Weber to be nearly as special as the Tradere from a design standpoint. I think it's a great shaver at the right price point (when new), but it doesn't...
  20. Blackland Razors

    Blackland Vector Advice

    From many conversations with customers I’ve learned that the most common issue with the Vector is pressure. The head is so light that gravity won’t do the work for you so you need to add some pressure in. This can be tricky for users who are used to always using heavy SS razors. Obviously I...
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