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    Anyone looking for the Phoenix shaving DOC safety razor?

    I've been looking at the Phoenix shaving DOC razor for some time now. I keep getting the out of stock quote every time I try to see if this razor is available for sale. I contacted Phoenix shaving at their email today, and I received a reply quite quickly. They too are frustrated with not...
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    Another use for the alum block

    The alum block has quite a few uses due to its antiseptic properties. I've used it for many things, and I'm always trying different uses for the block. I've used it on cold sores when I didn't have my script medicine , and it worked great. Its good on insect bites, and of course its good for...
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    My father's passing

    I've only been on the forum for short periods of time these past few months, my father has been in a nursing home for the past 21 months, and I've been spending time with him. I have no brothers or sisters, so I was there every day for him, as my mother passed some 6 years ago. He had been...
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    Does anyone know?

    Having found the Kent BK4 silvertip to be too floppy for my liking, I'm looking to see if Kent makes the same BK4 in either a finest or best. So far I've been unable to find one on any of the Kent sites. Does anyone know if such a brush exists?
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    Looking for a new pillow, anyone have or tried that My Pillow?

    I'm in the market for a new pillow, and I see on T.V. all the time the ads for that My Pillow. Sounds like its really good, but when I look at complaints about the pillow, I see more negative than positive. Also lots of complaints about the company itself. Has anyone out there had any...
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    I sure could us e some advice.

    I have something that I'd be interested in selling on Ebay, but I have no idea of how to go about doing it. Its a valuable vintage Fender guitar that will command a hefty price. If someone can advise me of how to go about doing the deal I would be really grateful. I'm not all that computer...
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    A Razor Revisited

    For the past few shaves, whenever I've used a DE, I've been using my Fatip OC razor and getting excellent shaves. Today I thought I'd use my Slant which I have not used in some time since the shaves with the Fatip have been so nice. I did my usual prep and proceeded to shave with the slant...
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    Any IPA drinkers out there?

    For a good many years, in fact right up until the 1980's, Ballantine ale was a regular and easy to obtain ale, most bar's had it on tap and in bottles. Then it just faded away and was quite hard to find. The Ballantine IPA was one of the best around, and is credited with starting the craft...
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    Anyone know?

    `Does anyone know of any cream or whatever that will help in getting rid of scars? Or at least help reduce the appearance of them?
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    How abourt the least?

    I know there's a posting on what was the most you ever spent on a haircut, but how about the least you ever spent on one? Lets rule out any you got for free, and just deal with what was spent on an actual payed for the service haircut. For me that would be at the airman's club at Clark Airbase...
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    I just had it installed, and I love it

    Several days ago I asked about satellite radio, and got a varied number of answers. I mentioned how lousy radio in my area was, and that what I really liked to listen to was Do Wop 50's music and early 60's rock and roll. Anyway today I got the system installed, and I gotta say its great. All...
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    Satellite radio

    After owning my 1998 Subaru for the past 11 years, and having over 172,000 miles on it, it finally reached the point where it was time to let go. It was nice not having a car payment for about 9 of those years, but it just wasn't worth holding onto it any longer, with the winters here in the...
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    One fantastic OC razor.

    I have a couple OC DE's which shave very nice. Back in 2011 I bought the Muhle R41 looking for an even better OC shave. The R41 did indeed give a nice, close shave, however no matter how hard I tried, and no matter how light the pressure, I was always left with burn, irritation, and at times a...
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    Looking for another OC razor

    I have a 2011 Muhle R41 that is a very aggressive razor, that gives a really close shave. The only thing is that I find it way too aggressive for me to use. Don't get me wrong, the shave is very very close, I just find it too uncomfortable for me to use. Even with my extremely light touch...
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    Without a doubt, it was the pressure thing.

    When I first started with this real wet shaving thing we do, I always used the alum bar after I had completed my shave and cleanup process. Each time however my face and neck would turn a rather bright red from all the irritation I experienced. At the time I thought that I was having a...
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    Things went well. Very well in fact

    Some time ago I had posted about getting back into my practice of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I had run a practice for over 20 years, but the pressure of having to take care of the business aspect, as well as working a full time job as a police officer, had started to get to be a bit much. So...
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    Any thoughts as to what it is?

    For the last 4 years I've been working out at the gym. I go every day, and as of now I've lost 30 pounds and 6 inches off my waistline. My legs have always been in excellent shape my entire life, but for the past few months or so I've been getting what feels like muscle pain in both of my legs...
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    Looks like I'm going back to the business

    I spent 32 years as a Police Officer, and have been retired for just shy of 11 years now. While I was an officer I became interested in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I studied the field and went to school to learn the practice. I became certified in both basic and advanced clinical hypnotherapy...
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    When will I ever learn, (this time I hope)

    Well I've gone and done it again, even after posting about it before, and knowing what to do. I'm talking about cutting into the area around my mouth with my straight razor. I did it a few days ago, and did it pretty good this time. What I did was lose my concentration or something like that...
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    Things keep changing

    After more than 4 years here at B&B, and over 5 wet shaving, I would like to think that I'm pretty well settled on my shave technique, equipment and most things associated with wet shaving. Notice I said I'd like to think I was set. Since I only shave every 4 days or so my shave routine has...
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