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  1. lev36

    Movember 2019

    Anyone else going to grow a 'stache for Movember this year? I'll be shaving on Halloween to give mine a fresh start, and hopefully raise some money for men's health issues in the process.
  2. lev36

    Graduated sooner that expected!

    Back in September when I got my Parker shavette as an inexpensive way to try out straight-razor shaving, I figured I'd use up the blades it came with and then move up to a traditional straight some time next year. But I saw the custom razor I was admiring selling out - Portland Razor Co. had...
  3. lev36

    Old dog learning new tricks

    Howdy, all. Just joined, and looking forward to learning a lot here as I begin my journey into straight-razor shaving. Started with a Parker shavette a week ago (because it is a lot cheaper than a decent straight razor), figuring I'll learn technique and, once comfortable enough with that...
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