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  1. GaryTha

    Lukewarm Water

    Recently, I accidentally ran a sink full of lukewarm water. I used to use the hottest water I could stand to cup my hands in and wash my face. Lukewarm works so much better to hydrate my whiskers. The general rule to learn from this is to change the routine once in a while. * Try it. You might...
  2. GaryTha

    Bird Watching

    I've gotten interested in bird watching. Check www.leakwire.com that has recordings of bird calls, pictures, and practice identification tests. No, I'm not associated with them. Like shaving, bird watching is a side topic in a book I'm writing. In order to write intelligently, I need to become...
  3. GaryTha

    Cal Ripkin 10,000 Step Challenge

  4. GaryTha

    ELEVENTH ANNUAL "One Blade in February" Challenge - 2020 Edition

    Time is running out, February is knocking on the door. Since @goby is not here for some unknown reason, I'll start the thread in his name. I'll copy/paste his text from the previous year. May the blade be with you, and I hope @goby is ok. ----------------------------------- It's that time of...
  5. GaryTha

    Contributor's image. Gifting and upgrading

    Is it possible to create a way to PIF/Gift an image? Is it possible to upgrade the level of an image already purchased? Thanks
  6. GaryTha

    Cal Ripkin Challenges - 2,632 in a Row (The hardest challenge in B&B)

    These challenges were inspired by Cal Ripkin, who played in 2,632 baseball games in a row. They are in honor of everyone who does their duty every day without excuses, especially those people who don’t get noticed when they do their job well, and who get yelled at when they don’t. You know, like...
  7. GaryTha

    2020-2024 Leap Year Restraint/2020s Restraint (10 years)

    This replaces the Leap Year Sabbatical Thread. Leap Year Restraint: 0001 Feb 29, 2020 to 2359 Feb 29, 2024 2020s 10-year Restraint: 0001 Jan 1, 2020 to 2359, Dec 31, 2029 These two restraints will eventually drive shavers to a minimalist philosophy. However, that can take many years for...
  8. GaryTha

    Are DE Blade Prices Increasing?

    I put many types of DE blades on my Amazon wish list last year. By Nov 2019, most of the prices were down, but that's changing. It is becoming harder to find 100 blade orders on Amazon searches. There are more choices with fewer blades and a higher price/blade. I decided to hoard some blades...
  9. GaryTha

    Nick and Weeper Log

    I figure we need one since we track everything else.
  10. GaryTha

    B&B Games Calendar

    Many months have games available. Please add to the following list. February One Blade in February March Fixed Four For March Madness (FFFMM)
  11. GaryTha

    Best New Safety Razors: $20-35

    Do you have any outstanding razors that you can purchase new for $20-$35? Please link to a source if possible. Only post a razor if you own it. I don't own any razors in this price range, so I'm not posting one.
  12. GaryTha

    Best New Safety Razors under $20

    Do you have any outstanding razors that you can purchase new for less than $20? Please link to a source if possible. Only post a razor if you own it. 1. Van Der Hagen 85 mm ($11.99) I've used this razor 296 times in the last year. The razor quality is great as far as I can tell. It's...
  13. GaryTha

    Leap Year Sabbatical

    I'm considering starting a four year Sabbatical from 2/29/20-2/28/24. This will be more strict than the annual Sabbatical. There will be no annual restocking periods. No trading. No gifts. No inbound PIF's. There will only be two exceptions: Sue Moore auction Broken hardware if it's the only...
  14. GaryTha

    Teach yourself to shave

    Look before you leap; he who hesitates is lost. Birds of a feather...; opposites attract. Add more water; use less water. Cream is better; soap is better. Canned foam sucks; canned foam is great. Bowl lather; face lather. Use hot water; use cold water. Williams is best; Arko is best. It seems...
  15. GaryTha

    Why not shave twice a day?

    New shavers could use the practice. Hobby shavers could have morning setups and late afternoon setups. They would have an excuse to double their inventory. Minimalists could use the same setup more often. Seriously, whiskers only grow about a mm. a day. A one pass shave twice a day is an easy...
  16. GaryTha

    Realistic Prepping (non-political)

    I think there is a high enough probability the economy will shut down completely almost overnight that it's worth prepping. The mechanism will likely be no bidders for U.S. Treasuries. The cause may a combination of government debt at all levels, consumer debt, mortgages, etc., as well as people...
  17. GaryTha

    New guy

    I'm male, 65. I used a brush and double edge safety razor when I was young. Later, I used cheap double-edged razors and electric razors. I remember Shick and Gillette razors and blades would frequently arrive in the mail. Last week, I bought an inexpensive Van der Hagen razor that came with...
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