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    Best shaving cream/gel/... for headshave?

    Hello, i have been using the Proraso white pre-shave, shaving cream (the tube version) and after-balm for my headshave and by using a Gillette Black Beauty and the products are almost empty. So i’m looking to change and get something better i feel like the Proraso dries up to quickly and also...
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    Which vintage Gillette DE is the best and rarest of those???

    Hello, which one of those is the best and rarest of those? As for the dates idk how you can know the dates? On ads some says dates but idk if those are the real dates since on the razors it doesn’t says the dates or they don’t mention dates on the ads But i added the dates they mention or...
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    Looking for the best high quality DE safety razor? NEW

    Hello, I recently started to grow my beard out, and i’m looking at getting a safety razor to line up my beard (cheekline, neckline, and such). I always used Gillette Fusion or BIC disposable razors and i always end up with redness/irritation/bumps/ingrow and such so my skin is probably very...
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