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    Pipe Smoker's Holiday Season 2014

    So, what kind of gear/product have you going on for the upcoming holidays? As for myself, I'm still pondering between having a churchwarden and a bent (billiard), not to mention about the spice itself.
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    PIF: Givenchy Play Sport and others (EU only)

    Great fragrances, but too much is sometimes too much - space-wise, that is. Therefore.... 1) Givenchy Play Sport EdT spray (50 ml) 2) John Varvatos Artisan Black EdT spray (75 ml) 3) Royall Bay Rhum AS splash (60 ml) Few months old, if even that. Every one of these are almost full, as there's...
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    Great Summer Beard Convention of 2013

    I'll have to admit, I've had plenty of good times shaving with DE's for the last year or so, but once again the time has come... The summer is here and I can't stop noticing how fast my beard seems to grow, so I thought it might be a good idea to treat myself with a challenge. Surely I'm not...
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    80's Gillette DE's

    For sentimental reasons, I've been looking to buy a 1982 Gillette DE. However, it would seem like they have a plastic backplate, like in the pictures in here: http://straightrazorplace.com/shaving-safety-razors/73109-last-year-gillette-made-de-razor.html Is there any point to buying these...
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    European Summer 2013 meetup

    Dear Badgers and Blades, I'll have to make up a schedule for the Summer in a month or so and I was thinking about taking few weekenders off and go to somewhere in Europe. Last year was the first time in years that I missed Barcelona. Would anyone be interested about having a gentlemanly B&B...
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    DIY: Shaving oil

    I was asking my friend if he wanted to join for an order of shaving goodies and such. He declined and said, that he just uses straight razor and olive oil for shaving. That lead me to try something similar. Took an old 30 ml oil bottle, boiled it and cleaned it with alcohol. Filtered...
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    Noob DIY related question

    I know, that coming to a new forum using search is a good idea. However, if there are some other DIY oriented guys in here - what are your favorite threads? Is there a DIY scene in here? I haven't gone as far as making my own after shaves yet, but I've been hunting some glass bottles, making...
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    greenie's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Mikko What are your nicknames/aliases? greenie Where do you live? Helsinki, Finland What is your age (or) generation? 30 What are you in the real world? Few pounds overweight What is your favorite shave setup? I've never been a big fan of...
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