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  1. pbrmhl

    I'm Loving Declaration's Persephone

    I visit Declaration Grooming's website frequently, as I'm a huge fan of Scott's soaps, brushes and aftershaves. By chance the other day, I happened upon a new release called "Persephone." I couldn't help myself, even though I've got a couple of lifetimes of aftershaves, and ordered a couple of...
  2. pbrmhl

    Pleased to See Declaration Grooming Doing Well...

    I happened on a Declaration Instagram post yesterday when he announced he was releasing a new aftershave (and soap) today called "Maroon." I checked out his website at about 9:10 this morning, and the aftershave was sold out. Good for Scott at Declaration. He seems to have a lot of fans...
  3. pbrmhl

    Congrats on the Blackberry Blossom Bay Tribute

    Yesterday morning Declaration Grooming released a new scent, called B Cubed. Chatillon Lux provided the scent. Shawn at CL is now out of the scented aftershave business, but fortunately has a partnership with Scott at Declaration to use CL scents in the Declaration aftershave formula...
  4. pbrmhl

    In Praise of "Beach" Scents

    Perhaps it's the time of year here in the northern hemisphere, but I've been truly enjoying my "beach" aftershaves. They bear a resemblance to the "aquatics," but with an added tone of suntan lotion, seaweed, hot dog stands, etc. My three aftershaves in this category are "The Beach," from PAA...
  5. pbrmhl

    My Last Chatillon Lux Aftershave Purchase

    I just received by mail my likely final aftershave purchase from Shawn at Chatillon Lux, a pair of bottles of La Petite Prairie. Chatillon Lux is my favorite aftershave. I believe I’ve got every aftershave he’s released, in most cases at least two bottles. Shawn is now focused on his EDT/EdP...
  6. pbrmhl

    Is XPEC Gone for Good?

    I used XPEC Original this morning for the first time in a very long time. I'd forgotten how much I like the stuff--the scent, the performance. I don't use it much because I know it's hard to find, and expensive. I just spent too much time trying to find it for sale, anywhere. No luck. Has this...
  7. pbrmhl

    A Tremendous Aftershave, though hard to get...

    Five or six years ago, I was introduced to L&L Grooming (now Declaration Grooming) through a BST purchase of a slightly used set of Harmony soap and aftershave. Once I used the soap, I knew this was my artisan. I still love the bison base best (though Milksteak is also good). And Declaration and...
  8. pbrmhl

    British Shaving Creams

    I recently went on holiday to Spain, and decided to buy three Spanish shaving creams. I posted about it. Now we're thinking about going to Great Britain on our fall vacation next year, so yesterday I ordered four British shaving creams: Trumper's Rose, Trufitt & Hill's Trafalger, St. James of...
  9. pbrmhl

    Spanish Shaving Creams

    I spent a couple of weeks in Spain during October and toyed with the idea of picking up some Spanish products while there. Not wanting to haul extra gear, or to hear from my wife, "What? More shaving stuff?"--I decided not to acquire any shaving supplies while there. Yesterday I bought my...
  10. pbrmhl

    For those seeking to buy a Wolfman...

    Check out the “Latest News” tab on the Wolfman site. He’s created an email order form that works like a charm. I bought a new WR2 about an hour ago. Congrats to James for ever upping his game...
  11. pbrmhl

    Bandit: A Women's Fragrance I Enjoy

    I'm often an outlier but, at 63, I figure I'm entitled. This afternoon, I sprayed some Piguet Bandit EdP. About five years ago, knowing it's a "women's" perfume, but having read a lot about its aggressiveness, I bought it blindly (at a much cheaper price than today's). Every time I've used it...
  12. pbrmhl

    Rocnel Elite 2019

    Did anyone else snag one of these today? I ordered the aggressive version. I'll be interested to hear others' reactions...
  13. pbrmhl

    Your Favorite Artisan Aftershave Family

    I've got bunches and bunches of aftershave splashes, from vintage and modern Aqua Velva, English Leather, Pitralon, Brut, Tabac, Pinaud, Floid and Skin Bracer, to modern artisans like Fine, PAA, Captain's Choice, Chiseled Face, Black Ship Grooming and many more. I've got about 150 aftershaves...
  14. pbrmhl

    WTB Chatillon Lux West Egg Aftershave

    Let me know if it's not working for you (or your partner). Thanks for reading!
  15. pbrmhl

    WTB Catalan's Prairie Aftershave from Chatillon Lux

    If any of you have a spare bottle gathering dust in your den, let me know. Thanks!
  16. pbrmhl

    Attention Seattle-Area Folks...

    I posted in the "Gatherings and Get-Togethers" section, but if you're around on March 24, some of us are gathering at the Collins Pub starting at 11:30... @ruckin, lookin' at you.
  17. pbrmhl

    Seattle Meetup March 24

    We'll be gathering at the Collins Pub, 526 Second Ave, on the edge of Pioneer Square, starting at 11:30 on March 24. Hope you see you there!
  18. pbrmhl

    FT Wolfman WR1 .74 OC for WR2 1.25 OC or WR1 .94 OC

    I know it’s a long shot, but let me know if you’re willing to swap your WR2 1.25 OC or WR1 .94 OC for my WR1 .74 OC. I’m the original owner, and it hasn’t had much use.
  19. pbrmhl

    WTB MdC Agrumes Shaving Soap

    As I approach my 2019 Sabbatical (wish me luck—I’ll need it!), there’s one more product I’d like to have in my den—a full or nearly-full tub of Martin de Candre Agrumes shaving soap. Can any of you fine folks help? Thanks for reading.
  20. pbrmhl

    Declaration Premium Bison Soap Base

    I’m a huge fan of Declaration’s (or L&L’s) legacy bison base. I’ve tried his other base, Icarus, but it just doesn’t perform as well in my hands and on my face. In fact, only MdC rivals Declaration’s bison base in my den, which contains bunches of Grooming Dept, Wholly Kaw, Eufros, Sudsy...
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