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  1. Winblows

    Your hobby(s) ?

    I wonder what beside wet shaving are we interested in ? Biking, hiking, sport shooting, jewelry, wristwatches, cooking, baking - or maybe something completely different ?
  2. Winblows

    Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipes - alternative mouthpieces

    Anybody knows where to find alternative mouthpieces for those pipes? I dislike the originals. They are too soft.
  3. Winblows

    Gillette Toggle - what is the base material

    What is the base material of a Gillette Toggle ? Brass?
  4. Winblows

    How to pack a pipe ?

    I know it's difficult to describe, but I'm very curious about how to pack a bowl properly. I smoke different pipes. At work, I smoke 3-4 times on my mini pipes, switching between mine 3 Vauen (1 Pipo and 2 Quix's) and a Savinelli Minuto. At home, I smoke regular pipes. And here comes the "pack"...
  5. Winblows

    Cycling does not have to take place indoors

    style="width: 800px" |- | |- style="width: 800px" |- | Many people associate cycling with a fitness activity. The truth is, that cycling is one of the most pleasant ways to enjoy the nature and exercise at the same time. When you arrive to a park, a lake, a river, woods, sea - you don't...
  6. Winblows

    Need an advice in restore of a Wilkinson Sword .

    This Wilkinson had a very weak knot, so it "went" of. The question is, if the remaining handle (took some damage after a steam bath) deserves a brand new Muehle synthetic knot ? Please help me with the decision.
  7. Winblows

    Boar brush - cut off the bristle

    I have this vintage boar bristle with the original loft of 70mm high :scared: I want to get it down to some human propotions - I don't want to use it for painting my bathroom, only for shaving :a4: So, is it possible to make an even cut off on this monster and how to do it ? :sob:
  8. Winblows

    I'm going to repaint the text on some of my brushes .

    ... and I'm thinking that the nail polish could be a choice followed by surface finish with an acetone free nail polish remover. Do you have any experience with that matter ?
  9. Winblows

    What do you smoke/chew today ?

    ... so, what is your leaf choice today ? Here it is Stanwell CLASSIC in a Missouri Meerschaum
  10. Winblows

    How to polish a transparent handle ?

    How can I polish a transparent brush handle ? Can I use BRASSO ? Is it possible at all ? I'd like to get rid of scratches and keep the transparency, but I'm afraid, that if I use BRASSO or fine Mesh, the handle will be dull. Please help.
  11. Winblows

    Falcon pipe plastic washer replacement

    Heated plastics releases vapors, that can bring extra damage to your mouth/lungs. Have anybody succeed to find any metal washers in the same size ?
  12. Winblows

    How to color a briar pipe bowl?

    I'd like to make my pipe all black, but the briar is brown. Is it possible to color it black, for example. with some leather / shoe color products without interfering the future taste of the pipe ?
  13. Winblows

    How to make a Coconut shaving bowl

    Inspired by another memember, I decided to make my own coconut shaving bowl. It ended up like this: I bought a nice, well formed coconut in a supermarket. The first thing I did, was to empty it from the juice. I did it by making three holes on the top of the coconut. It can be done by some...
  14. Winblows

    Omega 466652 Hi-BRUSH series

    Have any of you experienced this brush ? Do you get the value for money ?
  15. Winblows

    Vintage Wilkinson Sword

    Hi, do anybody here know these blades ? How old are they ? Can they still be used for shaving ?
  16. Winblows

    Can anybody recognize this razor ?

    Hi, sorry for this lousy image quality, but have anybody met this razor ? I'm very curious. It shaves just perfect (especially ATG). It's a bit more aggressive than the Gillette Tech. For now, I'll just want to ask, if anybody here have experienced it. The only thing that is printed on it, is...
  17. Winblows

    Orlik - Golden Sliced (Red) smilar

    When I enjoy my pipe (mostly at home), I use this Orlik tobacco I'd like to try any similar brand - because of curiosity and that it's difficult to get when I'm abroad. Do you have any suggestions/recommendations ?
  18. Winblows

    What is your favorite Christmas gift this year ?

    Well, tomorrow is THE DAY. Let's see/read which gift are you most pleased with ... - Kind Regards :001_smile Happy New Year and Marry your girl (again?) :001_smile
  19. Winblows

    Fatip base plate with Gillette Old Type top plate

    There are two reasons to use the Gillette Old Type cap on a Fatip base plate. You want an aggressive razor and feel, that the Fatip is a little bit to aggressive You can use any standard handles on your FrankenFatip (the screw on most Fatips is not regular and varies) I used a Shark SUPER...
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