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  1. Scuttles


    my scuttles for sale
  2. Scuttles


    my scuttles for sale
  3. invisionz

    Are you a Day or Night Shaver ?

    I have tried to shave at night and by noon you can see the 5 o'clock shadow. Lucky for those who can do it at night, their wives probably love it.
  4. invisionz

    Mar-V-Cide or Barbisol has it's value!

    I agree with the we must have germs to makes us stronger theory. I was just amazed at how much gunk my razor had accumulated that was not visible to my naked eye. That convinced me that I should clean my razor once a week. I also use the CoolCare daily to prevent my blade from rusting or...
  5. invisionz

    Mar-V-Cide or Barbisol has it's value!

    My DE shaves are wonderful and I love shaving! After every shave I use CoolCare Plus to sanitize my razor on a daily basis in between blade changes. Usually in between blade changes I will do a hot water rinse and good wipe down of my razor. For several months I have maintained my razor in this...
  6. invisionz

    Hampton Roads Virginia DE Shopping

    I guess someone was doing their homework and PM me with some request for local supplies. I happily replied and then I thought, maybe we should share the info with everyone, especially newbies like me that made a lot of calls and cold visits to try and find some supplies. Hopefully this will...
  7. invisionz

    Where to buy a shaving mug

    K-Mart they have about 4 different latte mugs for less than $3 I bought 4 of them myself. The mugs are awesome, cheap, and add to making a great lather.
  8. invisionz

    Fizzy "Denture cleaning" tabs?

    they're good for cleaning out your camelback hydration systems! I like the thermos and toilet recommendations. :001_smile
  9. invisionz

    Lanolin SC's - Who are they?

    Alright folks thanks for your input and keep them coming if they're anymore out there. I think I want to try the following; 1. Lavanda 2. Proraso Red (I think it might be scarce as some debate if it is still available or not) 3. any of these Omega, Ingrams, Floris, Godrej I have noticed...
  10. invisionz

    Lanolin SC's - Who are they?

    I just tried the Musgo Real and it is the first lanolin SC that I have used. I really liked it and my shave was good and my skin very smooth. So now I would like to ask the community to identify other SC's that have lanolin in them. Thanks, I am looking forward to trying more SC's like Musgo...
  11. invisionz

    Have Discovered Musgo!

    I just used this today and WOW! It was a great shave today :001_smile it really must be the lanolin in it, now I am off to find more lanolin SC's
  12. invisionz

    Feathers - Is this a weeper I see before me?

    Nicely penned, I enjoyed reading your story. I have gotten some nicks with a feather but not any weepers. I have however, gotten some red splotches that I don't normally get when I use Derbys or Wilkinsons. Good luck to you and stick up on the Hydrocortisone :001_smile
  13. invisionz

    Elixir Black

    I love it! Not dirt cheap, attractively priced and smells really gooooooooood. I use it more than my expensive colognes, not because it's cheap but because I really like the smell and how long it lasts. On me, it will last all day long. Sometimes I think it has faded, but others comment on the...
  14. invisionz

    C&E Nomad Cream

    That's pretty much how I feel about their 'sandalwood' SC, now I am stuck with it. Nomad to me doesn't smell that good in the tube, but whipped up and applied to the face it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME! SC+ASB+EDT = AWESOME! AWESOME!
  15. invisionz

    T&H sample pack

    Yeah, I didn't find out about that code until after I ordered mine. That is a really great price for what you are about to get.
  16. invisionz

    I Used a SE Safety Razor this morning - Suprising Results!

    Right on brother! My neck has contours in it because I ain't FAT. Those guys with the turkey necks and no necks have it made when shaving their necks. It is very hard for me to manipulate my neck or the DE razor to get a really good shave on my neck. The BIC is more forgiving and I can get...
  17. invisionz

    T&H sample pack

    here's the link T&H Samples
  18. invisionz

    T&H sample pack

    I recently finished the T&H sampler pack and I think that it was worth every penny. I discovered that I love some scents and hate some of them. I got to try almost everything and I would do it with more product lines if they offered it. Go for it! It was dirt cheap to try all of the shaving...
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