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  1. TimS

    FS Otto Deutsch Straight-$80

    Otto Deutsch emerald green razor in outstanding condition with box. Haven't shaved with it for a while, so not guaranteed to be shave-ready to your satisfaction. $80 shipped Priority Mail in U.S. (PM me for PayPal info).
  2. TimS

    sort of a PIF-you pay postage

    Four straights, not shave-ready. Good for individuals starting to hone who need a razor to practice on. First one to name razor listed that they want, gets it. You pay $5 for shipping-PM me for Paypal info. Limited to US-only. First up, 'Broussard' 6/8 at the toe; scales have character...
  3. TimS

    Hones for sale: Apache, Les Lat, Asano Nagura

    A few hones for sale. All prices include priority shipping in the U.S. Actual shipping costs for outside U.S. Paypal preferred. Prices are firm. 'Apache Strata' hone-$75. A finisher--extremely hard and fine. Slow cutter, hard to raise slurry with. Leaves a mirror finish on the bevel. See...
  4. TimS

    Straight razors and TSA

    Due to travel, I asked my son to deliver a straight to my parents, for ultimate delivery to a cousin. He was to do this today before flying back to his home in FL. Just received a torrent of texts from him (kids seem to forget they can call people with their phones), telling me that A) he...
  5. TimS

    Suehiro Gokyumo 20K

    For your consideration, a ‘SG20K’ used less than a dozen times, with all original packaging, rubber base, cleaning nagura, and written materials. Bought this stone to satisfy my curiosity about it. Redundant with my other finishers, so putting it up for sale. Slight cosmetic discoloration...
  6. TimS

    Coticule PIF

    Up for grabs is a coticule bout and slurry stone. Unknown vein. This stone was PIF'd to me, but I haven't used it (and can't offer any advice on its use). I figured it should go to a home where it might see some action. Razor for scale only--not included in the PIF :001_smile As long as...
  7. TimS

    Straight razor hones: Apache Strata and Apache Red

    'Apache Strata' hone-$96 shipped shipped in US; actual shipping costs for outside US. Solely a finishing stone; extremely hard and fine. Slow cutter, hard to raise slurry with. Leaves a mirror finish on the bevel. See http://naturalhones.com/?product=7-x-3-25-apache-strata-hone-id-as0108 for...
  8. TimS

    FS Stenton stub tail straight razor

    Stenton stubtail Razor is in exceptional condition for being around 200 years old (GR & crown stamped on the tang represents the reign of George IV, 1810-1820). I’m assuming it’s a regrind; this is a hollow blade measuring in slightly under 6/8” at the toe with a...
  9. TimS

    Opinions wanted on custom replacement blades for exceptional scales

    I got my hands on a pair of what I think are remarkably beautiful tortoiseshell-scaled razors. Here’s one of them after a phenomenal restore by Alfredo: Unfortunately, Alfredo delivered the news that the razors couldn’t be returned to use, as the edges are too pitted to ever get to good...
  10. TimS

    PIF: Weck Sextoblade

    I just mentioned to my wife that I’m about to do a ‘Weck Sextoblade PIF’. I got a quizzical look and a ‘huh?’ out of her. I guess it does sound a bit strange. Anyway, I’ve decided that shavettes aren’t for me. I’ve tried a couple of Feathers...
  11. TimS

    Jnat PIF

    I've been the recipient of several generous PIFs on and off this board, and it's been a while since I posted one, so I figured I'd try one that you don't see everyday. I picked up the Jnat in the (mediocre) pics below from a lot off BST some time ago, and it's very cool and pretty--very nice...
  12. TimS

    your thoughts on shipping liability

    So a razor purchased off the BST is shipped from overseas to the U.S. in an envelope. The envelope arrives to its destination in the U.S. with a hole in a seam of the envelope, and the envelope is empty. Package was not insured. In your opinion (I know, everyone has one), who should eat the...
  13. TimS

    edge worse after Koma nagura?

    Alright, I need someone to point me in the right direction, please. Even though I've been plugging away at it for maybe a year, I'm still very much a newbie when it comes to honing; I know I don't put the time in on a routine basis to learn everything I can. That being said, I generally can...
  14. TimS

    returning horn scales to former luster without dismantling razor?

    I have a decent Packwood with a nice patina, no rust, and a very faint Masonic etching on its face. In other words, the blade itself needs no restoration. The scales are in decent shape, with no bugbites, and the pinning is solid. However, the surface of the horn has a slightly raised grainy...
  15. TimS

    Please help me understand the concept of a 'pre-finisher' in the Jnat world

    I think I might already know the answer to this; I want to see if I'm correct. So on the Jnat sales web sites, some Jnats are labeled as 'pre-finishers'. I assume this means that the stone in question adds some value to the final edge in the honing progression. But do they add anything more...
  16. TimS

    ANOTHER one year straight razor anniversary and PIF

    Tomorrow marks my one year anniversary with straight razor shaving. It's been quite a journey that I've enjoyed very, very much. New friends, new experiences, and new ways to spend too much money :) I'd like to celebrate with a PIF: I'm going to give away a decent straight--an Emil Kronenberg...
  17. TimS

    eBay 'make an offer' frustration

    I don't get it. A razor I made a reasonable offer on (IMO) just sold for less than my offer. Am I missing something?? Me: 10+ years member of eBay, 100% positive reviews. I'm not gonna lose sleep over this; just doesn't make sense. Thanks for letting me vent.
  18. TimS

    Favorite travel strop?

    After my most recent trip, I'm re-thinking making my Feather SS my travel razor; I traded comfort for convenience, so I may go back to traveling with a 'regular' straight. I was using my poor-man's strop for travel, but I gave it away, and would like to get a 'nicer' strop for travel. I really...
  19. TimS

    Flying with FP's-my experience

    I only recently started with FPs, and was a bit concerned about flying with them, not knowing what pressure changes might do with regards to leaking ink. A quick check around the Internet told me that FPs should fly all the way full or empty, so I topped mine off before flying yesterday...
  20. TimS

    recommendation for Parker 51 vacumatic diaphragm replacement repairman?

    I have a new-to-me Parker 51 vacumatic that needs its sac/diaphragm replaced. I've found a few guys via Google that will do it, but not sure who to pick (I'm pretty new to this FP thing). Is there anyone here on the board who does this repair? If so, please shoot me a PM. Otherwise, is there...
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