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  1. invisionz

    Mar-V-Cide or Barbisol has it's value!

    My DE shaves are wonderful and I love shaving! After every shave I use CoolCare Plus to sanitize my razor on a daily basis in between blade changes. Usually in between blade changes I will do a hot water rinse and good wipe down of my razor. For several months I have maintained my razor in this...
  2. invisionz

    Hampton Roads Virginia DE Shopping

    I guess someone was doing their homework and PM me with some request for local supplies. I happily replied and then I thought, maybe we should share the info with everyone, especially newbies like me that made a lot of calls and cold visits to try and find some supplies. Hopefully this will...
  3. invisionz

    Lanolin SC's - Who are they?

    I just tried the Musgo Real and it is the first lanolin SC that I have used. I really liked it and my shave was good and my skin very smooth. So now I would like to ask the community to identify other SC's that have lanolin in them. Thanks, I am looking forward to trying more SC's like Musgo...
  4. invisionz

    I Used a SE Safety Razor this morning - Suprising Results!

    My Results: - Very close to BBS but not as close as a DE Safety Razor, but very good job. - Very forgiving, I did not have ANY redness, cuts, nicks, irritations - I used the same techniques and products the only thing I replaced was the DE So, I thought to myself while I was standing...
  5. invisionz

    Nivea German Shaving Cream

    I was in a German store here in VA and I noticed this 'Nivea' Shaving Cream. The writing is in German but I have not seen an American equivalent. The only Nivea shaving cream I have seen is in a can. Anyways this was priced at $7 so I bought 2. I really don't know if I got a good deal but what...
  6. invisionz

    How to keep SC's fresh?

    So I have been on a buying spree and I have accumulated a variety of shaving creams because I like them better than soaps. Then it dawned on me, do shaving creams sour or other wise spoil or breakdown? If so how should they be stored to preserve them? Should I use a utensil or some...
  7. invisionz

    T&H, WOW! Is there a better SC than this?

    So I am still a newbie and I am trying out many different products and I must say that I am impressed with the T&H line so far. I started out with the Almond SC and was not impressed. Then I tried the Lavender and fell in love with this SC, it is the best I have used to date and I love the...
  8. invisionz

    Shave Journals - here's mine, what's yours look like?

    Since I started DE shaving I created a journal template. It is a form that I can diagram, freehand text and circle choices about what I do to prepare for and execute my shaving routine, as well as recording my post shaving experience. It is an ever evolving form that gets update with more...
  9. invisionz

    Preshave prep with facial moisturizer

    My face/neck had areas of razor burn or raw spots. The rest of my body had dry skin all over. Confused as to what was the real cause, ie blade, too much pressure, dry skin, improper techniques, etc.... I decided to experiment. Many blade changes, a few different razors, soaps, creams, ASB...
  10. invisionz

    How Old are We?

    I am curious to know what the age range is here? I am 36 and I would have liked to have used a DE and these techniques at a much younger age. Are we just a bunch of older guys or do we have some younger blood here too? :cool:
  11. invisionz

    How Old are We?

  12. invisionz

    J Hook! this newbie likes it

    I am still experimenting with my techniques. My latest experiment is obviously the 'J Hook' as described by Mantic59 in one of his videos. I use this technique on my final pass to shave my neck. I was a little bit nervous about it, but I have grown comfortable with wielding the razor. So after...
  13. invisionz

    After Action Report on First DE Shave!

    :redface: So my equipment and supplies came in ahead of schedule, I got it setup last night, studied some videos (mantic59) and re-read some articles in anticipation of shaving today. I started out with a pre-shave oil, I read that grape seed oil was the best to use. Well, now I don't...
  14. invisionz

    Newby Reporting for Duty!

    Brand spankin' new! So, I thought it would be cool to use a DE safety razor to shave and then I REALLY looked into it, saw the price tag and stepped back from it. Some time went by and I said the hell with it, let me try it out. I watched a couple Youtube vids, read some articles and made a...
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