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    Christmas Trees

    Greetings fellow badger brothers (and sisters)! I know I know...you're thinking "Christmas trees?! November JUST started!" Yes...Christmas songs are already being played on the radio. Stores have entire sections devoted to the holiday. Somehow you're already sick of it before it even BEGAN...
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    Christmas Trees

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    And THIS is how AD starts for me.

    Greetings all! Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of my latest acquisitions, or should I say my first purchases (and undoubtedly far from my last)! Letting my whiskers grow a little before my first shave, but I am REALLY looking forward to it. Pictured: - Edwin Jagger Kelvin safety...
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    QUALITY cartridge company?

    Noticed an ad on Yahoo for a company called Harry's. Looks like they're trying to offer the convenience/low cost of Dollar Shave Club (they only sell cartridges) while also attempting to profit from the recent spike in popularity of wet shaving by emphasizing the quality of their blades and...
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    Wet shaving is for losers

    Haha JUST KIDDING! Just wanted to see who I could hook with that line. Greetings everyone! My name is Red and I'm new to this site, so I'm officially checking in with you. If you've come across this post, I hope you're prepared to read a bit, as I'm a bit chatty when it comes to writing. What...
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