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  1. shamus

    I had a nice close shave with a Wilkinson DE, made in England blade this AM.

    After three passes, using some Tabac soap and a drop of "Kiss my Face" cream in the boar brush, I still have a nice smooth face that is irritation free and comfortable. I happened upon a nice stash of these blades a couple of years back bought all that were available. These English Wilkes may...
  2. shamus

    Does anyone know if Derby has corrected the issue with their DE blades?

    A couple of years ago I had some Derby extra blades that were pretty bad. I got these blades as part of a sample pack and nine out of the 10 blades were all duds and caused nicks, cuts and razor burn. I could not understand how a blades like Derby, with rave reviews, could tear up my face the...
  3. shamus

    Any great suggestions for another Face Lathering Brush.

    I currently have 2 Badger Brushes that I use for Face Lathering. Both Brushes are Badger and Blade, Limited Edition, Group Buys from 2009 and 2010. 2009 Kent, in Butterscotch. I use this for bowel lathering with soaps. 2010 Simpson's, Eagle, #3 in Best Badger which I'm currently using for...
  4. shamus

    Blast from the Past on Gillette Super Speeds

    Advertisement for Regular Superspeed Red Tip Superspeed Blue Tip Superspeed A blast back to the future of shaving. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-gmoyG2PT8&feature=related Cheers:laugh::thumbup:
  5. shamus

    Geo. F. Trumper Super Badger Shave Brush

    Today, while looking in an antique store, I came across a Geo. F. Trumper, Super badger shave brush, boxed in a red cardboard container with instructions for care of the brush and has never used. I asked the merchant.... how much for the brush? He replied $25 since it's never been used. As I...
  6. shamus

    Are we doing enough to properly clean vintage razors?

    :w00t:Picking up a few vintage razors from the "Bay", thrift stores or garage sales requires proper treatment to kill any potential germs for users. Some people, including myself, feel that the cleaning steps should be done in one particular regimented way. How wrong we may be in our...
  7. shamus

    Women using Straight Razors.

    I have a lady friend that mentioned to me that her mother used to use a straight razor for shaving her legs, underarms etc.:ohmy: She also mentioned to me that she would like to use a straight razor. :ohmy: My questions are....Is it common for women to use straight razors and if so what would...
  8. shamus

    KAI Double Edge Blades.

    Any members/posters familiar with KAI double edge razor blades? I got a couple as a sample when I got my iKon bulldog handle and have to say they are smooth and sharp. I’ve performed a search to see if there was a review on these blades and unfortunately came up empty. Only one shave thus far...
  9. shamus


    Test to see if I can post.
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