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    Premium SE razors?

    I have been reading up on SE razors and don't see much mention of "Premium" or "Deluxe" razors or sets. I am referring to something like the Gillette Aristocrat or President. Gillette had quite a few up-market models over the years, but I am not finding the equivalent SE models. To be sure, I...
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    Least Aggressive SE

    I am looking for some input from those of you who use both DE and SE razors. Are there any SE models which would be equivalent to a Gillette DE such as the Tech or New models--or perhaps a slim adjustable set at 2-3? I wet shave for the pleasure of the experience and neither need or want an...
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    A Holiday Hello

    While not exactly new to wet shaving, I am new to this forum. Like many others, I started shaving with a Gillette DE razor in the 1960's. And, like many others I was seduced away by the speed and comfort of electric razors. I still use a Norelco daily. However, a couple of weeks ago I was...
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