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  1. shupey

    Pastuers New York

    I'm going to be in New York City this summer and want to visit Pasteur's Pharmacy . There appears to be 2 stores from what I can tell. One on 34th and one on Lexington. Is one of them better than the other for shaving supplies? Thanks
  2. shupey

    Somewhat more aggressive razor recommendation

    Hi all: Hoping some folks can give me a recommendation. My current razor of choice is the Merkur 34c. I usually get good shaves with it but I am finding I have to do at least 3 passes and a cleanup to get almost BBS. I'm looking for another razor that is more efficient that the 34c but not...
  3. shupey

    Recommend an aftershave please

    Ideally I am looking for an alcohol splash that has a great scent, makes the skin feel great, but does not have long staying power. Preferably to scent wears off in 1/2 hour or so. That definately leave Pinaud Clubman out of the mix as it seems to last all day. The closest thing I have to...
  4. shupey

    I love my wifes descrition of Pinaud Clubman

    The other night I finished up my shave with some Clubman. A couple minutes later the wife walk in the house and asked what that smell was. I told her it was the new aftershave I got. She said it smelt like ..and I quote.....'A bouquet of flowers sitting in the middle of a burning tire''...
  5. shupey

    Maybe DE razors are not that bad after all

    Lately I have been poo-pooing DE razors. I could never get a comfortable shave with them and always seemed to draw some blood each time I used one. I got a much better and closer shave with my Mach 3 (with brush and soap). Having said that, I have had 4 great shaves in a row using my Parker...
  6. shupey

    Dollar Shave Club Humble Twin

    I usually rotate between a Mach 3, Merku Futur and Parker 26c. I was looking for a cheaper cart so I just signed up for DLC. I selected their humble twin. Can't beat the price. Anyone have experience with this cart? 5 carts for $3 delivered seems like a steal.
  7. shupey

    Bic Twin Select

    Cartridges definitely agree with me more than DE. I use a Mach 3 now but am always looking for something that will do the job well for less. At the vary bottom of the price scale are the Bic Twin Select disposables. I picked up a pack of 10 today for $4. Anyone use them and what can i...
  8. shupey

    In Search of Clubman Pinaud

    We are travelling from Ontario Canada to Orlando this weekend. I am hoping to find a bottle of Clubman Pinuad along the way. It is next to impossible to find it in Canada but I hear some drugstores in the US carry it. Can I expect to find it fairly easily or is not stocked as much as I think...
  9. shupey

    First save with Murker Futur.and it was sweet!

    I got my fathers day gift a day early and shaved with it for the first time today. The Futur is awesome! I have been using an EJ DE89 for my first 6 months of DE shaving. It has been ok but a bit too mild for me. The Futur is definitely a step up. Plowed through my 3 day old beard on the...
  10. shupey

    Pre-shave Oil Effect on Brushes

    I recently bought my first 'half decent' shaving brush-the Simpson X2L Colonel in best badger. I have always liked using my homemade pre-shave oil but I am concerned that there might damage my new brush in the long run. Is this a valid concern. I had been using a cheap pure badger before this...
  11. shupey

    New brush recommendation

    I currently have an Omega boar and a Fendrihan pure badger. I find the pure badger is a bit to 'prickly' for my tastes and has not really softened up much. I'm looking to upgrade and am considering 2 brushes-Edwin Jagger best badger or the Parker Silver Tip. Both are right around what I want...
  12. shupey

    Need an adjustable DE razor recommendation

    I've been DE shaving for about 6 months now and have had ok success but still find I can as good a shave with a Mach3 with less effort and irritation. I use an EJ DE89 and suspect it might not be 'aggressive' enough for my tough beard. I want to expand my DE razor collection in hopes that a...
  13. shupey

    Do I need a more aggressive razor

    Hi all: I am pretty new to DE shaving (about 4 months). My current setup is a EJ89 with Gillette silver blue blades. I use DR Harris Arlington as my main soap but switch around to others as well. My technique is getting better and am at the point where i have minimal blood using this setup...
  14. shupey

    3 Months in and still havn't got a bloodless shave

    Hi all: I'm new to DE Shaving having been a cart shaver my whole life. I took the plunge and bought an EJ DE89. I have tried a few different blades (Astra SS and SP, Derby, Feather) and I have yet to do a 3 pass shave without drawing any blood. I seem to have the best luck with the Astra SS...
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