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  1. ronfitch

    Contest - $50.00 gift card to the winner!

    "There is an art to the business of making sandwiches which it is given to few ever to find the time to explore in depth. It is a simple task, but the opportunities for satisfaction are many and profound ..." - Douglas Adams, Mostly Harmless
  2. ronfitch

    Contest - $50.00 gift card to the winner!

    Paper route aside, first job with a pay check (typed on a company account) was a carwash when I was in 7th grade. On the weekends, four-hour shifts (there were three of us, each with a shift on Saturday and on Sunday). The place had four indoor wash-it-yourself bays, one outdoor...
  3. ronfitch

    So What Did I Get? A Good Deal?

    While I would keep it sealed, I would use that as the excuse to grab one for shaving. Slims are - IMO - highly under-rated as daily shavers. Fatboys get all the love. I have two Slims - one nicer one that is in the rotation as home and the less-shiny-but-still-great one that is my travel razor.
  4. ronfitch

    ES: Gillette Aristocrat #66

    The last razor you will every buy. Nice.
  5. ronfitch

    Cremo Cream in central TX CVS

    You can still pick it up at Walgreens up here (Twin Cities, Minnesota) with the free-after-rebate promotion. In fact, just this week I received my rebate check from a December purchase and it included three more free-after-rebate cards (well, up to $8.50, which is about the price here) to give...
  6. ronfitch

    The Great Blade Exchange 2013

    Arrived in the mail today - easy, peasy (on my side, anyway) ... thanks, Jason. These will give me some insight for my next order, which will include something for the exchange.
  7. ronfitch

    The Great Blade Exchange 2013

    Hi Jason, I would like to try: 2 PolSilver Super Iridium 2 Personna Med in exchange for: 2 Crystal Super Platinums 2 Perma-Sharp Supers Thanks.
  8. ronfitch

    The Famous Feather Blade!

    A Feather blade in my Aristocrat #21 is the best combo I have found for me, with cream or with soap. This, after five or so years of acquiring various Gillette DE razors (including a President, a Diplomat and various other Aristocrats) and a variety of blades in most of them. Scary...
  9. ronfitch

    Replate cost?

    Another endorsement for Onotoman in the U.K., from a fellow Iowan. Dave replated two for me, both are excellent.
  10. ronfitch

    Replating an Aristocrat Junior?

    Onotoman just replated a very functional but quite ugly '30s Aristocrat for me. This *was* my favorite daily shaver, but now it looks so nice I a don't want to spoil it. Seriously, Dave does wonderful work (see pics, which don't do his work justice).
  11. ronfitch

    Best Canned Coffee?

    A helpful smile in every aisle.
  12. ronfitch

    Review by '' on item 'Bodyshop shave cream'

    As for price - I got lucky when I picked up four new tubs of this from the BST forum for about half price, so I am leaving that metric as n/a. This stuff is fantastic. For cream, I usually use one of the Crabtree and Evelyn creams (nomad, sandelwood, etc.) and am happy with those. This...
  13. ronfitch

    First shave with a 30's Aristocrat! Nice!

    Just added one about two weeks ago and using it in the rotation since. I am a fan of the '40s' Aristocrats and Diplomats, my favorites on the shelf (which includes a Fatboy, a Senator, a Slim, an Aristocrat Jr., an Old and a New and once had many SSs and a Milford or two). The '30s' open...
  14. ronfitch

    I love BACON!!!!

    Bacon, Butter, Beer and Brown Sugar ... any of these will improve a recipe, two or more and you're a master.
  15. ronfitch

    FS: Astra Superior Platinum Blades

    I'll take a hundred, if still available. PM your addy. Thanks, Ron
  16. ronfitch

    Gillette Aristocrat questions

    I picked up an Aristocrat Adjustable here about six weeks ago and it has been my daily razor since. First adjustable I've used and cannot say enough about how happy I am with it. Before that, I was using a '50s Aristocrat that I picked up here as well. Fantastic razor - the balance is...
  17. ronfitch


    And yet it seems to be so much longer. The stores in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) which I have been in are so depressing ... bad lighting (some lights out and/or flickering), duct tape used to repair torn carpet, pallets of stock blocking aisles regardless of time-of-day. I noticed the same...
  18. ronfitch

    Do you have a “favorite” razor?

    For a while, a '50s Gillette Aristocrat. A few weeks ago, I started up with an Aristocrat Adjustable I picked up here and am taking a liking to it (first adjustable for me).
  19. ronfitch

    Review by '' on item 'Personna DE Blades (USA)'

    I picked these up from a local WalMart - the only blades I can find locally. Price - cheap Quality - I am not sure how to gauge "Quality" outside of the other categories listed here Sharpness - very good for one multi-pass shave, but I've never gotten past that with these. Longevity...
  20. ronfitch

    Review by '' on item 'Gillette Aristocrat'

    I have picked up two of these in the past months at good prices ($20 each, through B&B sell and trade forum) and they are my everyday razors now. I had been using a low profile '66 SuperSpeed as my daily razor (very fine razor - low profile head is great for shaving under your nose), but...
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