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  1. Benzadmiral

    Looking for a Turkish-blend coffee

    Centuries ago, during the Punic Wars, a coffee house here in town (now defunct) offered a Turkish blend coffee. It was strong, but the main thing I recall is that it had a great scent of roasted peanuts. I'm not interested in going the whole Turkish coffee route, just something that I can brew...
  2. Benzadmiral

    Anybody like to match razor country with soap's?

    For instance, Merkur razor = Tabac soap, both German Fatip razor = Proraso soap/cream, both Italian USA-made razor, vintage or modern = USA-made soap It seems like a fun thing to do, especially since we can (see the "How International Were You Today?" thread). Anybody else? Alternatively...
  3. Benzadmiral

    Travel Tech in snap case: How to store the head

    My most recent acquisition is an almost-new 1967 Travel Tech, still in its little gold snap case, with the cardboard "blade" still in the head. I used it with a new Shark blade this morning, and had a great shave. My question is this. If you have one of these, and re-pack it in its carry...
  4. Benzadmiral

    Bersa Thunder 380 CC

    I've been away from handguns for a few years -- just didn't have the disposable income until recently. Also recently, I've become more aware of the need for personal protection. My experience was with .22LR semi-autos and .22WMR revolvers; I loved my Ruger Single Six with the interchangeable...
  5. Benzadmiral

    Royal Stainless Supers?

    Anybody tried these? My search brought up only a single post with no answers from 2012. Apparently these are from Israel. I bought two from TryaBlade and used one this morning in my Slim, and I'm not sure if I like the blade. It was comfortable enough, but I could certainly feel it. Anybody?
  6. Benzadmiral

    Solid colognes?

    How are these things? I see PAA has a whole range of scents. Do these last a while? And does the tub last for a reasonable period, since you're only supposed to dab a little on you each time? Are there any solids that approximate the Green Irish Tweed/Stirling's Sharp Dressed Man/
  7. Benzadmiral

    New Merkur Progress: Aggressive? Ohhh, yeah

    Hello, all, I haven't posted in some time. First there was the distraction of my new-to-me '15 BMW 328i in early 2019; then the distraction of having it totaled in a flood that summer, and of buying a very nice '16 Buick LaCrosse to replace it; and this year the big nationwide panic and having...
  8. Benzadmiral

    MIld blade recommendation?

    I've been shaving at least once a week with my new-to-me Hoffritz Slant, a good heavy razor. But the Personna Red blade I'm using, while it has always worked well for me in my Slim, Super Speed, and Tech razors, seems a little aggressive for this razor. I've followed the idea of pairing sharp...
  9. Benzadmiral

    Looking to buy a condo -- but . . .

    Hey, everybody, I'm finally, I believe, in a place to consider buying a condominium. I'd prefer that over a house, attractive as the idea of a house is, because: 1) Cost. Any decent house in a decent neighborhood here is 2 or more times what I feel I can pay, even with a big down payment...
  10. Benzadmiral

    Won a writing contest!

    Late last year my local library sponsored a "Winter Writing Contest." Entries could be short story, essay, or poem, less than 1500 words, with the theme of "Noo Awlins [sic] Turns 300!" They gave us ten infuriatingly abstract words, at least of seven of which had to be in your submission...
  11. Benzadmiral

    What modern DE blades are NOT made by Gillette?

    Just exploring the old options here. I've been using the G. Silver Blue and the 7 O'Clock Yellows. Feather and Kai are Japanese. Is Personna a Gillette brand? Put another way, if I don't want my money going to the current company, what's available?
  12. Benzadmiral

    Spotted in an antique store --

    Saturday I was up in Ponchatoula, LA, the home of the Strawberry Festival. (I never go to it; they hold it in hot weather, when all sensible creatures are huddling around their air conditioners.) In one antique store I spotted what was labeled as a Gem Micromatic vintage razor for $7, and a...
  13. Benzadmiral

    A good starter boar brush?

    I've been wet shaving for about 5 years, and have used my Edwin Jagger badger and, more recently, a tuxedo synthetic from AP Shave Co. I primarily face lather my soft soaps, and from time to time swirl up some cream from TOBS or even some Barbasol, or a mix of both. If I were to try a boar...
  14. Benzadmiral

    Bromley's Shaving Cream?

    Miss Linda gave me two of her eternal in-the-mail samples, this time samples from Bromley: a lavender-and-bergamot shave cream, and a shave balm. I tried the cream this a.m. Not much scent; when I spread it on by hand it was too thick and almost clogged the razor, and when I tried lathering...
  15. Benzadmiral

    Auto insurance -- good companies?

    Currently I'm with AAA, but the rates are getting way too high. It doesn't help, of course, that I live in the state with possibly the highest rates in America, and inexpensive options like Amica and The General don't operate in this pesthole. Nor am I a government employee or veteran, so no...
  16. Benzadmiral

    Problem: with blade, or with soap?

    I've come back to Feather blades after a few years, and found them to be fine cutters when used in a mild razor like a Tech or in an adjustable Slim stopped down to 3 for the first pass, then 2, and 1 for buffing. However -- -- I swirl my razor in the sink water as needed within each pass...
  17. Benzadmiral

    I begin to understand the appeal of soaps

    I've been DE shaving for about 4 years and used mostly creams, TOBS Sandalwood and their Peppermint plus Barbasol, until recently. I've tried Phoenix Shaving's Atmotic, CF Ghost Town Barber and Sherlock, and now Erasmic and TFS Pinup Collection Sera. Creams do a fine job for me. No question...
  18. Benzadmiral

    Gratitude: I've been lucky

    I don't intend to crow about this. But I have realized recently that, even with all the ups and downs of my life, I've been very very lucky. Didn't die at age 2 from an ear infection; didn't die when the ceiling of my family's apartment in Tulsa collapsed from an earthquake that same year...
  19. Benzadmiral

    Phoenix Shaving's Atmotic Artisan soap

    Originally the company sent this soap out as a large sample with the Crown King Travel Scuttle. Apparently a lot of people liked it a lot. The company has now issued a full-size bowl for $14.95: Atmotic Artisan Shave Soap - Distinct, Superb, Profound When I first opened it, I said to myself...
  20. Benzadmiral

    How do you occupy your wait time?

    Presuming that you do as Gillette once instructed us in its razors (and for all I know, still does), to wait about 2 minutes after applying your shave cream or soap before wielding your razor. I've been giving the lather about 2 minutes to soak in, and it works a treat. But -- What can you do...
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