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  1. Dolle

    For Sale - Schick Krona 1967-68

    Black tip TTO Schick Krona in excellent condition. The backplate is stamped 2 3 0 M. High resolution pictures available here: Schick Krona - https://ibb.co/album/ewtSVa Asking 400 SEK plus shipping. Item is located in Sweden.
  2. Dolle

    Post your DIY razor/brush stand or shelf

    Let's share some inspiration for all you handy shavers. Here is my contribution :001_cool:
  3. Dolle

    Making of DIY Goat Willow / brass DE Razor Stand

    Day 1 Acquire a block of Salix Caprea. Use what tools you have to make two units. Fix against static item. Use the saw. Dang, that 👇doesn't look very nice at this point. To be continued!
  4. Dolle

    Help dating a Schick Krona

    I have a black tip TTO Schick Krona. The backplate is stamped 2 3 0 M. The doors say "Schick" and "Krona" Anyone?
  5. Dolle

    Is there a shaving soap/cream for female DE-shavers?

    I'm in the process of having my Mrs ditch cartridge razors for the benefit of DE safety razors. :302: Any feminine soaps or creams out there that you can recommend or point to? Cheers
  6. Dolle

    One shave of the day for the rest of your life

    You are going to a remote desert island for the rest of your life. You want to stay BBS for any possible indigenous babes you might encounter. You may only bring: 1 brand of DE blades 1 DE razor 1 brush 1 shaving cream or soap 1 after shave item What would you bring? Feel free to post pics of...
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