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  1. Z

    Female Newbie Needs Advice on Safety Razors!

    Hi from a fellow female wet shaver! *waves* I just started a while back and I only use vintage razors, so I can't really speak for the ones currently being manufactured - but I have faith that the men here will be able to direct you to the new ones. The Parker 29L looks almost exactly like a...
  2. Z

    How much did you pay for your Birth year razor?

    So would mine... I'm really curious to know what DEs were being produced that year, and by what company.
  3. Z

    my red dot finnaly is back in its home.

    Oooh, I've never seen a travel case for a flare tip! Nice find! :) And even with brassing, I still love a Lady Gillette - my mom had a blue one when she was younger.
  4. Z

    This place is dangerous. First vintage buy!

    Ooh, that SS looks amazing! I really appreciate professional looking photography when it comes to razors, and that one is really stunning looking. I have yet to try that SS, but I'm really happy with my Flare Tip. Good luck fighting off RAD... less than a three weeks ago I only had one razor...
  5. Z

    A Newbie List: My Current Gear and Technique

    You live in Chicago, that also means you live near Merz Apothecary, which I hear (on reddit) is also an excellent supplier of all things wet-shaving-related. I might have to make a trip there from NE Ohio-land to experience stores full of wet-shaving gear in person! Welcome, welcome! Your...
  6. Z

    Newbie - Ebay help...

    Also, I've noticed specifically on safety razors: if you see green, there will probably be plating loss underneath it once you clean it off. Usually rust isn't a big deal, especially where the blade sits. I've had a lot of success cleaning that kind of surface rust off razors with no damage to...
  7. Z

    Dad's Mom's Dad's Senator

    That's gorgeous! I wish an heirloom razor was even a possibility in my family... yours is really lovely.
  8. Z

    Gillette TV special

    Ooh, I didn't know the 60s Flare Tips had different knurling. But how much does a TV special in decent shape go for? I'm curious, because I love my regular flare tip, but the TVs look soooo pretty.
  9. Z

    If you have one or some can you post pics?

    I'm kicking myself that I didn't grab one of the Christy promotional razors I saw on the 'bay one day. It was gorgeous, and as a native Ohioan, I love to snag things that have an association with my state. I can't find the picture either. :cursing:
  10. Z

    Question for those owning vintage Gillette razors...

    +1 I like finding them and cleaning them up especially.
  11. Z

    Suggestions for the wife

    Frankly, I don't mind most mild scented soaps (I'm using a puck of the baseline VDH soap right now), but I'm a sucker for anything lavender. Both D.R. Harris and TOBS have at least a lavender scented cream and soap, and probably some other florals too. I have yet to try the VDH soap for ladies...
  12. Z

    Win a Free Vie-Long 13061 Premium Horsehair Brush!

    I would love to join the contest! I think it's great that you have a variety of SE and injector blades, I haven't seen that on very many sites. I've bookmarked your site, it's very nice! :)
  13. Z

    New respect for an oldie but goodie

    I really like the look of the flare tip personally... And a 1956 Flare Tip was my first razor. Something about them is very aesthetically pleasing to me - of all the vintage Gillettes, they're the ones I'm likely to eventually have the most of.
  14. Z

    Hello from Ohio

    Welcome from a fellow newb and NE Ohioan!
  15. Z

    Best way to dispose DE razor blades

    +1 to the blade banks from West Coast Shaving. I grabbed 3 of them last time I ordered, so I had a place to stash my used blades and the questionable ones that sometimes come in old razors you buy off the bay. They're also bigger than you'd think just by looking at that picture, I was pleasantly...
  16. Z

    Does anyone else put their witch hazel or alum in the fridge?

    Definitely makes sense, my parents live in the Tampa Bay area and it's nearly impossible to get cold water. We're originally from NE Ohio - and I'm used to ridiculously cold tap water regardless of the month. That's a really great idea.
  17. Z

    Had my first DE shave (on the legs) yesterday... my thoughts:

    Thanks for all the replies! :) My parents were very wary of my decision to try DE shaving - my mom grew up shaving that way, but I don't think she ever did thorough skin prep. She told me I'd cut myself to bits... Evidently my dad was never very good at DE shaving either, because he also told me...
  18. Z

    Had my first DE shave (on the legs) yesterday... my thoughts:

    First, I totally understand why they recommend long-handled razors for us ladies... I used a 1956 Flare Tip SS, and I had to pay a lot more attention the further I got down my leg. A Lady Gillette is probably going to be my next razor purchase (aaaand, now I'm going to be addicted to buying...
  19. Z

    SWMBO let me lather her legs for the first time tonight

    I'd probably let a man shave my legs with a straight... I mean, if he's skilled enough to take that straight to his face and neck, he's skilled enough to take it to my legs. :lol:
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