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  1. BigJ


    Proraso green (400 ml) RIP!!
  2. BigJ

    SHARK WEEK 2019!!

    Discovery Channel’s Shark Week starts July 28! Which reminds me, it has been a year since our last B+B SHARK WEEK!! So get your blades ready!! Soon, there will be BLOOD IN THE WATER!! :a47::a47::a47::a47:
  3. BigJ

    Go GREEN for Spring!!

    I’ll start: Proraso Green (easy choice)!! :a29:
  4. BigJ

    March Madness

    Enjoying the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament! For me this is the one sporting event that never disappoints!!
  5. BigJ

    La Toja/La Toja: Classic Old School Combination

    Recently ordered the 150 ml bottle of La Toja AS. This is an excellent product with an old school vibe! I classify La Toja AS in the category of classic healing products with fleeting scents, along with Speick, Proraso green and Floid. For some time the La Toja shave stick has been my ‘go...
  6. BigJ

    What AS did you FINISH today?

    I finished my bottle of Stirling sharp dressed man!! :a29: The main reason I managed is that I have been on the 2018 Shaving Purchase Sabbatical.
  7. BigJ


    All the best for you and yours this Holiday Season!! :a17::a17:
  8. BigJ

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    We have much to be thankful for this year!!
  9. BigJ

    Getting ready for SHARK WEEK!

    Almost time for the 30th Annual Shark Week! ‘It is a tough week to be a seal.’ The obvious choice will be to use a Shark blade. Their package art is perfect for the occasion! What better than to try the Shark blade in my travel razor, a Lord L6, from the same manufacturer? Surprisingly, I have...
  10. BigJ

    ZaZa, Dorco Prime or Silver Star????

    Are any of these blades worth considering?? Great question! METHODS. I used my ‘daily driver’ (Wolfman WR1/WRH2 handle) and no blinding because (unfortunately) I only have one Wolfman! Each blade was compared to one of my ‘top-tier’ blades, the Personna lab. One week with the Personna lab, the...
  11. BigJ

    Shaving Politics

    Today I finished a Silver Star blade from Egypt-very nice! Then I loaded a Personna red from Israel-one of my favorites. This led me to think of other great blades that come from political rivals. My next thought was to consider some of my favorite Russian blades, perhaps a GSB or Nacet...
  12. BigJ

    Ring Jacket

    Went looking for a new jacket that would be a bit different from what I have and suitable for a variety of situations. LOTH (always the best judge) persuaded me to go with one of these. It fells very nice, the material has great 'hand' and the fit is great for me. Currently getting this...
  13. BigJ

    Travel Kit

    First, I have traveled a fair bit over the years. I am a 'one bag' carry on guy. So my usual kit has been minimal. I also tend to view most travel equipment as inferior to the stuff I use everyday at home. That said, I was off to Paris for 10 days vacation with LOTH. Prep: I mailed two...
  14. BigJ

    Wizamet Super Iridium: 'Real Word' Comparison to Some Top-Tier Russian Steel

    I was kindly offered some Wizamat Super Iridiums by ooggetuige in exchange for some of my favorites. Because Ooggetuige lives in the Netherlands, his sources differ from my vendors. I will not deal with the interesting question of whether the Wizamet Super Iridiums (which are difficult to come...
  15. BigJ

    HELP! Only 2 weeks to go.

    I am currently on RESTRAINT! But 'only' until the end of the month (and it is killing me!) So, the question is, "How to bust out of this restraint?" I am set for razors (and, truth be known for most other stuff) and I need to celebrate. Suggestions most welcome: AS, soaps, blades, etc., etc...
  16. BigJ

    Bison Burgers!

    Found some ground bison at our local market. LOTH came up with this: 1 lb ground bison 1 egg 1 cup panko bread crumbs season to taste Form burgers and grill to taste. Serve with Beecher's Flagship (local cheddar) cheese and carmelized onions on a grilled brioche bun! TERRIFIC IMHO!
  17. BigJ

    Another brush?

    Thinking about revisiting a brush that proved just a bit too dense in the past (Simpson's Classic 2 in best). I face lather hard soaps and prefer smaller brushes. Seems that I have become a Simpson's fanboy, especially for their best grade. (I still have an old no-name blond boar that gets some...
  18. BigJ

    PAIN KILLER: give this a try (on Friday after work)

    Came across this recipe, worthwhile for anyone on this forum IMHO! :a54::a54::a54: The Painkiller originated in the 1970s at The Soggy Dollar Bar at White Bay on Jost Van Dyke Island in the British Virgin Islands. The cocktail is now trademarked by Pusser’s Rum and is the liquor brand’s...
  19. BigJ

    BLT-Updated with (secret ingredient) Give this a try!

    Tonight we will have "our" updated BLT (using terrific local tomatoes that are coming in). 1. Applewood smoked bacon: cook as usual, then drain on paper toweling 2. Fresh local tomato: slice 3. Fresh local lettuce (we are using Boston today): 1-2 nice leaves/sandwich 4. Brioche roll: toast...
  20. BigJ

    Simpson's Advice

    Please direct me to the appropriate thread if this has been covered already. I have been unable to find much on the relative merits of Simpson's 55/56 vs. the 46 (Berkeley). I face-lather soaps almost 100%. I have medium-sized hands (7 1/2 glove). Currently I have the following Simpson's...