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  1. OldSchoolYoungin

    Lots of Proraso at TJ Maxx

    Lots. This is in Columbia, South Carolina. I saw Proraso green and red hard cream tubs for 4.99 each, aftershave balm 7.99, aftershave splash, which I picked up, for 7.99 and the red tubed cream. Cool box, nothing in English.
  2. OldSchoolYoungin

    FS Atra Elite Gold Plated Men's Grooming Kit w/ Razor

    You're looking at a men's grooming kit containing a gold electroplated Atra Elite razor, the star of the show. There are several other implements included, all of which seem to be in excellent, unused condition. The provenance is currently unknown to me and I'm not sure if this is original...
  3. OldSchoolYoungin

    Proraso Red Tubs at TJ Maxx

    5.2oz hard cream tubs, not tubes. Only saw one, though. $4.99! Complete head and face shave tonight with a Merkur Sledgehammer Slant with a Gillette Green 7 o'clock. I'm one happy camper.
  4. OldSchoolYoungin

    Favorite All Purpose Gym Shoes?

    Alright guys, I've got two pairs of trainers that are simultaneously at the end of their lifespan (Adidas Adizero Bostons and New Balance 1574), so I'm in the market for something that can provide a little stability during deads and squats but also be comfortable enough for a long cardio session...
  5. OldSchoolYoungin

    Favorite Meal Replacement and Protein Bars

    I've been keeping up with the health and fitness industry for twenty years, so I've just about seen it all now. We've gone from protein powder that literally tasted like chalk all the way to it being indistinguishable from dessert. We've seen dramatic improvements in all aspects of the industry...
  6. OldSchoolYoungin

    To Resole a Pair of Doc Martens...

    I've gotta say, I'm a yuge fan of Doc Martens. And I'm no hipster, skinhead or blue haired punk metal band member; just a hard working project manager for the zoo. My newest pair I bought just bought, say, seven months ago, and it's that time, unfortunately. Don't get me wrong, they've been...
  7. OldSchoolYoungin

    C&E West Indian Limes Aftershave Balm at TJ Maxx

    Saw a few in stock today; never seen it before there. Not my favorite company in the world anymore, but it's hard to go wrong for $3.99.
  8. OldSchoolYoungin

    Heavy Duty Hand Moisturizer

    Hey guys, Sooo... I'm a firm believer that your body can build up an 'immunity' to products that you use for long periods of time, which is why I try to rotate out different things. Unfortunately, Bag Balm, one of my old standbys, no longer seems to cut it. I use Baxter of California Hand...
  9. OldSchoolYoungin

    Favorite Spring Bar Soaps and Body Washes

    Well, as I mentioned in another thread, February in the South basically means it's Spring. What are you guys pulling from the back of the cabinet as the weather warms up a little? Spring means lavender and peppermint for me, also citrus and lighter florals. Dr Bronner's is hard to beat for the...
  10. OldSchoolYoungin

    Any Mushroom Hunters?

    So I've just been invited on a shrooming vacation! A girl at work who loves much of the same things I do - spiders, snakes, other various critters - also loves mushrooms. My interest has been rekindled a lot for various reasons, so I'm really excited to go this spring. It'll be a true camping...
  11. OldSchoolYoungin

    Alternative to Under Armour Boxer Briefs?

    Hi guys, So I'm in love with Under Armour boxer briefs. They tick all the boxes for me. I'm a very active person with a very active, physical job. Small waist, huge legs, and these have been wonderful in that regard. The issue is that they've become so expensive that I've put off getting any...
  12. OldSchoolYoungin

    Thrift Store Find! 1970s Atra Elite Plus Matching Hygiene Set!

    I have a buddy who works at the thrift store and I'm the first one he calls about new shave stuff. Mostly it's vintage cologne and shave cream, but this seems like something truly special. Its a wooden handle, apparently 24k gold plated Atra Elite plus the rest of the men's hygiene set, all in...
  13. OldSchoolYoungin

    Duty Belt for a Female Officer?

    Well, I can honestly say I haven't seen this posted before! Evening, gentlemen! Figured I'd ask here since there are many members of law enforcement who may have better knowledge of where to find the best quality gear; maybe some of you even have female relatives or significant others in LE...
  14. OldSchoolYoungin

    357 Revolver: S&W vs. Ruger, Rossi, Taurus, etc?

    So I'll be treating myself to a present this year, mostly as a thanks to myself for putting up with a LOT of scrap the past twelve months and still managing to not end up on the news. First it was going to be a CZ75, but I'll be damned if I can find one; much less at a decent price. Then, I...
  15. OldSchoolYoungin

    Brooks Brothers New York for Gentlemen - An Instant Classic?

    I'm not a huge fan of scents from clothing designers with the exception of a scarce few, but I'll certainly have to add New York for Gentlemen to that list. Renowned for their bottled I-tell-people-what-to-do-for-a-living, err...I mean 1818, this underrated release from Brooks Brothers may very...
  16. OldSchoolYoungin

    Sunglasses: American Optical vs. Randolph Engineering

    Ahh yes, the dreaded "versus" thread :lol: This may be a bit different, though, in that I've already made up my mind and bought what I wanted. For anyone that gives a crap, I decided on a pair of American Optical Original Pilots with matte chrome frames and tan glass polarized lenses. Should...
  17. OldSchoolYoungin

    This is why I don't let idiots borrow nice knives

    Normally, I only let certain people use my nicer knives. A recent work experience has taught me why I started doing that in the first place. So another guy at work - a bit of a moron, to say the least - asks if he can borrow a knife real quick. Unfortunately, the only spare knife I had on me...
  18. OldSchoolYoungin

    The Zero Tolerance 0561 Rick Henderer Model. I just had to do it.

    Textured brown G-10 scales and machined titanium liners. Had to. It's slightly more high tech than my normal ideals in a knife, but this blade is apparently pretty incredible if you want a heavier duty folder. I'm excited as hell, can't wait to see her show up on my doorstep within the next...
  19. OldSchoolYoungin

    Ink Review: Iroshizuku Yama-guri, Wild Chestnut

    Just a quick review. I'm still thinking of ways to make my reviews a bit more appealing and more extensive. This ink actually comes across as being darker on the scan. In real life, it's just a very nice dark brown with some good shading to go along with it. As always, for anyone that is new...
  20. OldSchoolYoungin

    Ink Review: Iroshizuku Ku-jaku, aka Peacock

    I now find myself preferring - slowly but surely - inks that aren't as saturated as the ones I liked before. More than anything, I want inks that behave well in all pens, have some character, won't cause any flow issues and even perform well on less expensive paper. Lately, I'm really starting...