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  1. alex2363

    Happy Labor day to all my Badgers♥️

    I see ya all been busy♥️
  2. alex2363

    My annual Feeling generous Christmas sale, part 1

    Hurry up before I change my mind..lol Saddleback backpack almost new .cant use due to my shoulder reconstruction... 250 bucks Saddleback leather messengers satchel..150 almost new.. Both bags have that great new leather smell..
  3. alex2363

    The I'm feeling generous sale...hurry up before I change my mind

    Everything for 250 shipped 1- Rex adjustable ..mint 1- mint...Asylum.. includes 13 feather pro blades/14 cap titan blades 1- good...Streamliner.. with 40 gem blades1 1-..good ... Gillette's Slim twist
  4. alex2363

    Im buying a bike with a internal gear hub, any suggestions or opinions welcome...

    I'm plunking 2000 bucks on a Montague Shimano/internal gear hub bike, use a carbon belt line no chains. These need low maintains and last forever. I am new to the internal hub...has anyone owned such a bike and if so what's your reviews on it.
  5. alex2363

    OK, any top quality small to medium man purses/swing bags, I need pics!

    I carry stuff, lots of man stuff, I mean kitchen sink stuff.....I love these man purses so I want to keep up with new styles, trends and ideas.....please post everything manly purse and swing bags.....definitely pics too.
  6. alex2363

    I'm back to my favorite forum, what did I miss?

    I missed you, I was busy starting a holding company....how are ya doing?
  7. alex2363

    OK, I my Eagles were for real, with or without Wentz....SUPERBOWL CHAMPS!

  8. alex2363

    May your New Year be happy Badger and blade members!

    Have a great New Year Badgers!
  9. alex2363

    Happy holidays Badger and Blade members

    Keep on shaving and having fun this holiday season
  10. alex2363

    Merry Christmas Newbies....

    May all your all Christmas shave wishes come true this holiday season....
  11. alex2363

    The famous Toggle, one hand open/close doors for easy rinse

    Gotta love this razor ( Jazz porn music in background may be obvious, lol), easy to open with one hand so you can rinse off shave residue and load blades too. Hope you enjoy my vid.
  12. alex2363

    For sale Samsung s5 mint w Mophie case More

    I have almost mint Samsung s5 no scratches or dents 100 dollars shipped free. [ they go for 175 used eBay] The almost new Mophie case which is one best cases for Samsung protection 30 dollars free ship. And fast charge base 25 dollars free ship. Discount on package deal.
  13. alex2363

    Happy NEWbie Year! Briefly, what's your NEWbie Year shave resolution for 2017?

    Briefly post the main technique or gear that you want to implement for your resolution shave 2017. Happy NEWbie year!
  14. alex2363

    Ok B&Bers, who is going to join me for a Christmas RXmas shave.

    On Christmas shave with your RX razor and give quick details on your fun shave.... To join in just post , I'm in for a RXmas shave.
  15. alex2363

    Happy Holidays B&B!

    May all your holiday fun time be a safe one. Happy Holidays B&Bers.
  16. alex2363

    Coarse beard razor bump prevention ( African, Indian, Euro ect) info & tips thread.

    This thread is dedicated to helping those with tough coarse beards/hairs that may experience razor bumps or other irritation issues from shaving. :thumbup1: Please pass on any family secrets, ideas, techniques , shave gear usage, or anything that may help others. What may help you can help...
  17. alex2363

    Ok B&Bers, my end of year gear sale, BOSE & DR DRE headphones, Flarmonica razor.

    Filarmonica straight almost NOS. 5/8... 50 DOLLARS + 5 SHIP DR DRE headphones Dr Dre Powerbeats (no case), used 8 months or less......45 bucks +5 ship Dr Dre UR BEATS Used 7 months .....25 bucks shipped BOSE Q25 (no case) top of line set......145 bucks + 5 ship...
  18. alex2363

    Need a Asylum Rx.

    Send pm if you have Rx.. .
  19. alex2363

    Ok B&Bers, this is a must see hysterically funny B&B radio video .

    Ok B&Bers, this is a must see hysterically funny B&B radio video . The whole thing is improvisional and funny Check it out video]video]http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/504809-B-amp-B-Radio-10-31-2016-HALLOWEEN-
  20. alex2363

    Ok, I love WET SHAVING PRODUCTS brushes, but who loves the soaps?

    I purchased their brushes, but I keep hearing good reviews on the soap line. Any diehard users here?
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