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  1. J

    What to look for in first strop? What are compounds and why would you use?

    Just getting into this side of the game. Please be gentle. What should I look for in a first strop? I know nothing too expensive as I will chop it up at some point. What are compounds, and are there benefits to using them? Thanks, Jim
  2. J

    Opinions: Best razor that is available on the market currently

    I was thinking about wrapping up the year with a new razor. I am leaning toward one, which will remain nameless to prevent any enablers from tempting me. But, still not committed to anything at this point. I am looking for razors that are available and obtainable. Not looking to be placed on a...
  3. J

    Midnight Stag aftershave thoughts?????

    If you have used Chiseled Face Midnight Stag aftershave, what is your impressions? This is an aftershave that is not for me. I've spent too many hours under a car changing oil for this to appeal to me.
  4. J

    Best ways to break in a boar brush?

    How should breaking in a boar brush be accomplished? Bowl lather, face lather, or just general use to break in a boar brush?
  5. J

    Talbot Shaving Author's Ridge release

    Ok, 18:55 EST release time yesterday. All out today. I was one of the lucky ones to get the set. I hope the hype lives up to the soap. This is my first Talbot soap, and I am a bit excited.
  6. J

    Will a standard handle fit on a brass Karve head?

    Will a standard handle fit on a brass Karve head? I was debating about getting a CB Karve in brass, but would like to place a different handle on it. I really like some aftermarket handles and would prefer to use those if they would work.
  7. J

    Pick only one soap: what would it be and why?

    If you had to pick only one soap to use, what would it be and why?
  8. J

    Total noob and a bit nervous.

    I have a couple GD that are getting honed and a strop on the way. In the past, I have generally not done well with shavettes. What should I be wary of and how should I approach this style of shaving?
  9. J

    Eufros - the sasquatch of wet shaving soaps?

    I see pictures, but cannot get my hands on it? Where can I get Eufros soaps?
  10. J

    Boar'd.... thinking about acquiring different brush

    Thinking about getting a new/better boar brush. I have two in my collection and are wondering if all boar brushes are created equal. The two are the Van Der Hagen and an omega professional. Both of these are near the bottom of my list of favorites. Will betting a different change my mind, or are...
  11. J

    Best Wholly Kaw scent....

    I was looking to get Pasteur's Alchemy, but seems to be un-obtainium. What is the best Wholly Kaw scent out there?
  12. J

    So tell me......

    Please tell me what you know now, that you wished you knew at the start of straight razor shaving. Knowing that I'm probably already very caddy-wampus of what I have now, before even starting straight razor shaving, but also please tell me some essentials that are must haves before getting too...
  13. J

    Wunderbar slant or ATT S1

    Those with experience of these two razors, if you could only pick one, which would it be?
  14. J

    Birth year razor question

    Ok, gonna show my age here: I was born October 1970. What vintage Gillette adjustable razors were being made at that time? What would be the exact code so that I could verify? Thanks in advanced.
  15. J

    Suggestions for a 26mm Badger Fan knot

    As the title implies: taking suggestions for a 26mm Badger Fan knot, that will not break the bank. TIA all.
  16. J

    Favorite shave related purchase of 2018?

    Let's have a bit of fun! What was your favorite shave related purchase(s) of 2018? Razor - soap - aftershave - accessory - other? Any and all you want to list and why. My most surprising was the iKon 102. For me it just simply works.
  17. J

    What is your current 'go-to' DE blade?

    What is your current 'go-to' DE blade and why? The blade that gives you the best shave, pairs best with the most razors. Sharp, smooth, or evenly balanced? How many shaves typically, cost factor? No need to answer all, just curious on what is important to most.
  18. J

    Thoughts and blade suggestions on RR German 37.....

    I have just ordered my first twisted slant style razor in the RR German 37. What are some thoughts on this piece? What blades have been successful? I will be throwing in an Astra SP to start with, but was also maybe thinking a lab blue.
  19. J

    Pure, Best, Finest, Silver-tip = whats the difference in badger brushes?

    Pure, Best, Finest, Silver-tip = whats the difference in badger brushes? Is one more advantageous than the others? What are preferences?
  20. J

    Thinking about getting my first SE razor? Suggestions on razor and blades please.

    I was debating about getting my first SE razor. Was leaning toward the RR HawkII. Is there a better option for a first SE? Suggestions on blades would be great as well. How many uses on average for a SE Blade?
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