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    Butterfly style razor blade that is mild like Merkur 34C

    Let's say one day I decide to buy a butterfly style razor. One that is easy to use and feels comfortable like a Merkur 34C. What would you recommend?
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    Recommend some Fruity/Citrus scent shaving soaps

    I do not have any soap. All I have are these shaving creams: Proraso white C.O. Bigelow Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Bowl, Jermyn St (Only product that I have that has a nice sweet scent to it) I have extra PayPal and wanted to spend them on about 3-4 Fruity/Sweet/Citrus smelling shaving...
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    Anyone here prefer to just use their face to lather?

    I do have a nice Captain Choice Lather Bowl, but many times I like to just lather directly on my face and skip the bowl/mug.
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