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  1. Blooze

    New boat anchor!

    Received my RB67 from KEH this afternoon. All in all it's in pretty good shape. The lens has a small scratch on the front element about 1/4" long. I don't think it will be an issue with the hood being used. One of the blades on the shutter is bent at the tip, but doesn't seem to affect...
  2. Blooze

    Your favorite B&W film/Developer combo.

    Sideshooting off of AllenG's thread, what your favorite B&W films are as well as the developer you prefer with them? Example photos and developing info are an extra bonus!!! So far I've only shot a few rolls of film getting back into analog. My favorites so far are Tmax 400 in 120 developed...
  3. Blooze

    Rangefinder - Leica or Voightlander

    I'm thinking I'd like to get a more "modern" rangefinder than the Retina IIc and Signet 80 that I have. By modern I mean bigger, clearer viewfinder as well as a built in light meter. I was able to mess around with an original Bessa R several weeks ago and was instantly in love with the better...
  4. Blooze

    Slim PIF

    It's been a while since I've been on the razor part of the forum as I've been pretty satisfied with my gear and have collected about all the pieces a poor guy like me can afford :sad: So in the spirit of starting new I'm wanting to PIF this 4th quarter 1964 Slim (J4). I haven't been out...
  5. Blooze

    Building a new computer - could use some recommendations :

    My laptop that I've been using for the last four years kicked the bucket last week (GPU is fried I'm pretty sure) so I'm in the planning stages to have a desktop built this fall. I need to quit using my work laptop for PP before I get in trouble :) I already have someone lined up to build it...
  6. Blooze

    A train photo - advice or critique please.

    I grabbed one of my photos from my D200 of the local steam engine to play with my Silver Efex Pro2 trial last night and came up with these two of the same shot. Tell me what you think could be done a little different in your opinion :wink2: I was trying to go for a "dreamy" effect with the 2nd...
  7. Blooze

    Printing alternative

    Have any of you used this service before: http://www.digitalsilverimaging.com/ I think I may like to try their B&W basic printing on RC paper. Since darkroom printing is out of the question right now and this seems it would work well with my hybrid workflow it might be worth a shot. I can...
  8. Blooze

    First MF photos.

    I finally got all my developing stuff in and tried my hand at a roll of Acros in my as of yet untested Yashica Mat. Photos are terrible, due to many factors, but hey, gotta start somewhere. I've only scanned a few. Most of the other ones I haven't scanned are just different settings for the...
  9. Blooze

    Large Format-wow!

    As I've slowly gotten back into shooting film, something crossed my path the other day. My wife and I stopped at my favorite frame shop to see if they could cut a piece of anti-reflective glass that I could use with my new scanner. They have several alcoves where local painters and artists...
  10. Blooze

    Yippee - my first toggle!

    Was out and about today with the wife looking for camera stuff when I stopped at my favorite used camera place and found this. Wasn't even looking for razors. Same place I picked up a cased fatboy at a while back. There is the usual plate loss on the outer silo doors, the guards, and on the...
  11. Blooze

    Film Developing - equipment list

    So I'm looking at ordering some supplies to do B&W film developing and I wonder if someone could check my list. Developer - Rodinal and Ilford ID-11 (I've looked at a LOT of photos out of the Yashica-Mat and ME Super this weekend and those with FP4+ are my favorites nearly every time). Stop...
  12. Blooze

    My first MF camera.

    Picked this up today at one of the local antique stores. Seems to be in very clean condition with a few marks here and there, but nothing really bad. Shutter speed seems to change, aperture works, timer works, lens is dusty but appears to be unscratched (we'll see after a good cleaning), focus...
  13. Blooze

    Photos from the 30-40's.

    I've seen a lot of older photos online (Shorpy) as well as in many books and as I'm currently looking through the book "The Likes of Us" by Stu Cohen on some of the FSA photographs it made me wonder. Are there still places and opportunities to capture photographs in the USA like Wolcott, Lange...
  14. Blooze


    With all this talk of film cameras, I'm jonesin' to go get some film and shoot the ol' 35mm. Now, Xillion and AllenG have whetted my appetite for an entry level MF camera as well. I've looked at negative scanning services and it looks to me that for the price of scanning a dozen rolls or so I...
  15. Blooze

    Grip question.

    I've only used my razor 15-20 times, but find myself feeling most comfortable holding it with the scales straight out no matter what part of my face I'm working on. I can move the scales about like shown in the wiki, but it just feels odd. I'm wondering if I should try getting a western style...
  16. Blooze

    Scuttle for face latherers?

    Seems like I remember reading about a scuttle someone had made for face lathering a couple of years ago. Basically just a place to park the brush to keep it warm between passes. I've done some searching and there are a ton of pages to scour through. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  17. Blooze

    Komandirskie Tank

    I really, really like the look of this piece of KipNoxzema's : http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/76104-Watch-Ya-Wearing?p=4594398#post4594398 I don't have the faintest clue about where to look for a good condition one that comes from a reputable dealer. I know little to nothing of...
  18. Blooze

    New Fatboy to go with my black n' red !

    As I hinted in my other thread yesterday, here are some pics of the cased Fatboy I picked up. It's a 2nd quarter 1960 for those interested. No paint loss or plating loss that I can tell and the case lid cleaned up to near perfect except for the one crack and a few minor spots of crazing that...
  19. Blooze

    Finally got a Black n' Red NEW

    I've been looking at these for a long time and with my recent interest in DE's again it was one of the ones I didn't ever get. Just picked this up off the bay, which I tend to stay away from, but hopefully it's as nice in person as the pics make it look. Seems like the cases always look worn...
  20. Blooze

    GEM cases.

    I have a few GEMs with cases and was wondering how many different colors the marbelized (bakelite?) cases came in? I have a green, yellow, and red clamshell and I think there is just the white lid/black bottom one left. I have a red, green, kind of a brown (might be a faded red, but doesn't...
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