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  1. Tigger

    Boar versus badger

    +1 for The Lone Badger, would've been a great radio show in the 30's!
  2. Tigger

    Boar versus badger

    Quick question for you gentlemen. Do badger brushes shed more than boar brushes? I have 2 omega boar brushes and they rarely, if ever, shed. I have a whipped dog badger that sheds a few hairs every shave and an AOS badger that sheds worse than my black lab. Curious to hear about y'all's...
  3. Tigger

    PIF - Blade Bank

    Those are amazing! I'm in.
  4. Tigger

    The Kid's First Shave!

    That is an awesome story! Thanks for giving of yourself to this young man. I'm sure y'all will always remember this proud day!
  5. Tigger

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all here at B&B. Here's to a wonderful 2015!!
  6. Tigger

    Christmas Haul

    Tabac, Proraso blue and white aftershave balm and Trufitt and Hill Grafton aftershave. I've never used Tabac and I'm really excited to try it.
  7. Tigger

    What do you do for a career? Why do you shave everyday?

    I'm a pilot as well. Very few things are worth disrupting a nap in the crew room. Certainly not the shave policy!😎
  8. Tigger

    What does your forum name mean?

    After a rather abrupt landing my first year as a corporate pilot one of my passengers said, " we should call you Tigger because when you land you bounce a lot." I also went to Clemson University and our mascot is Tigers.
  9. Tigger

    1st DE BBS shave!

    I've only been doing this since Christmas and today was awesome! 3 passes, BBS with no nicks. I was even able to get the underside of my right jawline smooth with no irritation. EJ89 razor, Van Der Hagen luxury soap, alum block (finally no sting) and Clubman. The topper was watching my 4...
  10. Tigger

    Modern DE razor question

    Thanks for the info
  11. Tigger

    Modern DE razor question

    My sons were born in 2010 and 2012, do modern razors have date codes like vintage Gillette razors? I would love to get their birth year razors and give them to my boys as a gift when they get older. Thanks for the help fellas
  12. Tigger

    What shave equipment did you buy today

    1975 Gillette Black Beauty (birth year). 2 alum blocks and some Clubman Lime. My wife wants to go shopping now, oh we'll, she's earned it.
  13. Tigger

    Airline travel and safety razors

    Thanks fellas
  14. Tigger

    Airline travel and safety razors

    I have only been using a DE razor for three months and haven't had to fly on the airlines yet. What are everyone's experiences with TSA. I assume everything is ok in checked baggage but how has it worked for carry on? Do you even attempt to carry razor blades on board or just plan on hitting a...
  15. Tigger

    Apollo Safety Razor

    I asked the seller on Amazon where the razor was manufactured. The answer sadly, is Pakistan.
  16. Tigger

    The my loss is your gain PIF

    I'm in! personnas mikes bay rum Heard a lot about personnas and would love to try them out. Thanks
  17. Tigger

    Are you REQUIRED to shave every day for your job?

    I'm a corporate pilot and I shave before every flight. We allow mustaches or neatly groomed goatees as long as our O2 masks will seal properly. I look stupid with a 'stache and can't shave straight (or have a crooked face) so I opt for clean shaven.
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