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  1. ouchyfoot

    Why don’t some lathers cling after the first pass?

    Has anyone ever noticed that some shave soaps lather up and cover the face lushly on the first pass but seem thinner and more transparent on the second and third passes. They still seem to offer good slickness and protection, but don’t seem to be able to cling as well once the first passes...
  2. ouchyfoot

    Liquorice Scented Soaps and Creams

    I have recently discovered that I adore Licorice scents in my shaving routine. Right now I only have two, Extro Cosmesi: Liquirizia & Magnolia and Saponifiait Bignoli: Liquirizia e Menta. I haven’t been able to track down any others (AS would also be nice) in my shaving suppliers (Canada) using...
  3. ouchyfoot

    How to Shave...Three Stooges Style

    A few pointers from the masters.
  4. ouchyfoot

    Cut Out the Artisan Crap...Soap is Soap!

    I’m really starting to get a little tired of all this artisan this...artisan that references. Soap is soap! Who decided to brand any soap newer than twenty years with the artisan brand? How do you differentiate non artisan from artisan? You can’t because there is no such thing. It’s soap! There...
  5. ouchyfoot

    Unsafe Vintage Safety Razor.

    I acquired this vintage Gillette in a lot along with three others. I knew there was something hinky about it when I made the purchase, but that’s how lot purchasing goes. As you can see on these first three pictures, at some time, someone decided to grind the comb off of the base plate...
  6. ouchyfoot

    Schick Kronos silver tip vs black tip

    I noticed that on the black handle Schick Kronos, some continue with a black end tip, but some have a silver tip. What do the different tips denote?
  7. ouchyfoot

    Choosing a Gillette Tech?

    I’m thinking of acquiring a Gillette Tech razor. Is there anything I should know to help me choose? Are some years better than others? I just need a few pointers so ill be aware of what I’m buying.
  8. ouchyfoot

    Powdery Barbershop scents.

    I’ve been exploring barbershop scented soaps and aftershaves lately. What I am looking for at the moment are some classic powdery type barbershop scents. I just got a bottle Highland Springs barbershop which is very nice. Like an infant fresh out of the bath and a freshly washed onesie. I quite...
  9. ouchyfoot

    What the heck is Pinaud Finest powder?

    Like the title says. What the heck is Pinaud Finest powder and what do you do with it? I’m not sure if it’s for your face or your shorts.
  10. ouchyfoot

    Alum Blocks? Are Some Better Than Others?

    I see alum blocks at far ranging differences in pricing. Are some blocks better than others. Can they do a better job. Are they more natural. Some leave white residue on your face. Others claim not to leave any residue. Whats the full story in the world of alum blocks?
  11. ouchyfoot

    Brush For Using With Facial Scrubs

    This looks to be the forum for some face brush advice. I’m looking for a brush to use in the shower for facial cleansing and facial scrubs. I’ve found this to be better than using my hands and fingers. Ive just been trying it with an uber cheap ($3CDN) Wilkinson shave brush (can’t even determine...
  12. ouchyfoot

    Stand Alone Soap - Face Nanny?

    I’ve improved. Better technique, better razors, brushes etc, but I would like to move up in the soap department. I’ve always used a preshave, mostly proraso white. I found I needed the protective qualities to keep blade irritation on my skin to a minimum. I think I’ve improved enough that I...
  13. ouchyfoot

    Soap Pucks. How do you keep them?

    I see the pucks of soap that can be purchased, but I’ve never ordered one because I dint know what to do with them. Do you have to buy a special lidded container? Do you drop it in a mug and just leave it there? Do they need to be covered? Do I have to remove it from the mug after using and wrap...
  14. ouchyfoot

    Long Handle Shave Brush

    I don’t have any long handled shave brushes in my collection but am interested in acquiring one to try. I’ve seen a number of them while surfing around, but most seem to be just a different handle with an average synthetic or boar knot stuck in them. Any suggestions for a longer handled quality...
  15. ouchyfoot

    Shaving With a Sunburn?

    I got myself a major lobster sunburn. Does anyone have any tips on shaving while sunburned?
  16. ouchyfoot

    Multi “Base-Plate” Razor “Plate” Saver(storage) System???

    Does anyone have a simple solution for keeping the extra plates handy for multi base-plate razors like the Rockwell 6C/6S and others of that nature. It’s best to keep them handy beside the razor but you can’t just leave them laying around loose on the shelf. A way to keep them together neatly...
  17. ouchyfoot

    Is The ClassicEdge Canada site closed down for good?

    I tried to go to classicedge dot ca today and first I got a warning page indicating a fake site for stealing information and identities, a now I just get “forbidden” 404. Did they pack up and close down their Canadian site?
  18. ouchyfoot

    Bowl or Face Lather. What Brush Suits? Badger vs Boar

    I’m still pretty new to DE shaving, but I have been acquiring various brush types and sizes. Synthetic-Badger-Boar-Badger/Boar. Are one of these brush types preferable to the other in performing certain tasks such as face lathering vs bowl lathering? I know everyone has their own personal...
  19. ouchyfoot

    Rockwell 6S &(C): Favorite Blade & Plate Combination

    I just ordered a Rockwell 6S (black) and want to get a line on what blades members like the most for a particular numberEd shave plate. It will give me something to think about while I’m waiting. I don’t have a TV, and being locked up in my apartment waiting for this CoVid crisis to end leaves...
  20. ouchyfoot

    Shavette Lather Advice

    Im getting ready to move on from DE to my first Shavette shave. I have a Feather SS kamisori style shavette and I’ve been building up my nerve for a couple of months to give a go. What I was wondering is if there are particular soaps that produce a lather that is more conducive to this type of...
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