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    New briar in the stable

    So I've not been in PAD mode (yeah right!) For a while. Another forum that I frequent had a BOTL post a question about a cavalier pipe he saw at a charity auction, so I sent him some info. Long story short, this beauty shows up a week later in a SFR with some riders... The pipe is beautiful...
  2. D

    I found a gem!

    So my wife was getting her hair done today, which left me a few hours to rummage around the antique mall. Usually I find a thing or two, but not often stuff I want. Today was an exception....
  3. D

    Dirty soaps! Soaps that smell dirty?

    So ..... Chiseled Face Summer Storm. I love the stuff. I love the lather and how it feels of course, but I really love the hot pavement after rain mixed with grass clippings from under your mower scent. Mudder Focker is way up there on my want to try list, but what other dirt/ozone/yard...
  4. D

    River Bar Soaps

    http://www.riverbarsoaps.com/Default.asp So I spent a wonderful week this summer hiking in the Redwoods around Crescent City. My wife and I absolutely loved it up there and look forward to another trip there. Anyway, the farmer's market was running on the morning that we left, so we stopped...
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    When to hone?

    Sorry if this has been discussed ad naseum, but a perfunctory search through past threads didn't gain me a ready answer. How does one know when a razor needs honing? I suppose that it is particularly difficult when I am in the learning stage, but I am curious nonetheless. I know that there is...
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    Further deranged about shaving, is Desertlifter

    Finally getting around to Italy: my shave log. The story so far is that after hating shaving for like....30 years...I started wet shaving with DE razors. Participating in this forum then got me interested in fountain pens (among other things), so trying a SR was likely inevitable. I purchased...
  7. D

    New DE shaver

    Nope - not this longish time DE shaver and neophyte SR addict, my youngest stepson. He bought me a tub of Blades Grim Smolder and Synthetic brush for my birthday. For the record, love the soap and have used the brush almost every day - works excellent for me. Anyway, he liked the Smolder and...
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    Yet another first straight shave

    So I waited all week to make sure that I had time. Showered and used a conditioner on my mug to prep things. Lathered up some Proraso, got out the rest of my shaving goods, and got out my new (to me) Wester Bros. straight. Pre-dialed 911 on my phone, said goodbye to my wife kids, and patted my...
  9. D

    Chow time!

    Evening foodies! Dinner tonight was... Beer braised flank steak rubbed with dried Chipotle and garlic topped with... Strawberry and Serrano salsa. <burp!>
  10. D

    Yet another straight-curious post

    Wait - that didn't sound right.... But you get the point (hah!). I've been wet having with a DE safety razor for about three years now and love it. Thinking about the next logical step, but I wonder about some issues with my hands. Uncle Sam gifted me with some nerve damage in my hands that...
  11. D

    Kinda new - but not

    Good evening gents! I was active here a while back but work on my Master's Thesis kind of took over my life, so I had to step away for a while. Looking forward to seeing folks here again and having you help me spend my money. Since I left (shaving-wise) a few things have changed: My beloved...
  12. D

    Writing = therapy for the soul. FPs = therapy for the hand

    Moin Moin! Sooo....today was my first "real" FP week. The school year ended Tuesday and I started thesis work up at the university yesterday. I've been dabbling with my cheap FP pen and already have noted positive results in quality and comfort, but this was my first trial by fire. Met with...
  13. D

    Handwriting improvement.goal, not the game!

    Improving my dismal penmanship is my post-thesis goal for the year, or at least one of them. I have a really hard time writing. I have nerve damage in my hands (thanks, Uncle Sam!) and a reconstructed pinky from a bad day playing basketball. Writing with a fountain pen is already making...
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    Ramblings of an ignorant noob

    Soo.....I started wet shaving. I got er...directed to this place from another forum. I won a PIF, and through the generosity of Lamboy, I have a bunch of different blades to try out: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/343660-PIF-Blade-Sampler-for-newbies/page2 It all started with...
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    Melon shavers!

    So I'm loving the whole DE thing. Skin feels great, enjoying the routine - I'm sure y'all have heard this part before. Save perhaps for my melon. The face is an easy switch, but my ovoid melon - as bereft of hair as it is - is somewhat less easy to shave. The DE razor is less forgiving of...
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    Desertlifter's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Brian What are your nicknames/aliases? Desertlifter on many forums Where do you live? Zillah, WA What is your age (or) generation? 45. Purtnear What are you in the real world? Science teacher, city councilman, union president, and state patrol...
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    Noob check in from Eastern Washington

    Evening! I've been lurking for a bit and accidentally fell in here. Found the forum from a cigar/pipe forum that I frequent. I grew up with Williams and a badger brush and was missing it. Fell into (seem to do that more than a bit) a Muhle R89, badger brush (don't know what happened to my...
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