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  1. intotheforge

    Cursive Writing

    I don't own a fountain pen yet; but I saw this article and thought you fine folks in the nib might enjoy it. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/memory-medic/201303/what-learning-cursive-does-your-brain
  2. intotheforge

    Help with Shoes

    I purchased a pair of Ecco casual loafers in 2006. I have worn them more days than not since then; admittedly, on many of those days I just wore them to work and then changed once there. They are the Neobasic Sport Slip-ons as seen here. After all this time, the sole has split and I want to...
  3. intotheforge

    Merkur Long Handle +blades for $30

    Saw this deal on slickdeals. Link goes to their post. http://slickdeals.net/f/5683224-Great-deal-Merkur-Long-Handled-Safety-Razor-Pack-of-10-Blades-29-95-FSSS-Save-10
  4. intotheforge

    No Powder Please

    As the title suggests, I don't like baby powder scented AS. Unfortunately, I recently purchased some drugstore AS (Aqua Velva, Skin Bracer, and Jade East). To me, they all smell powdery. One thing I discovered from trying these AS is that I like menthol in my AS. Speick is the only other AS...
  5. intotheforge

    Is this a good gift set?

    I'm thinking about getting one of these for my dad and my father-in-law. There's only 13 hours left - some good opinions needed. I suck at recognizing brands or values at this point. http://lastcall.dailysteals.com/
  6. intotheforge

    Corking a Razor is.

    I've seen several threads where corking a razor was mentioned. What does that mean? and why do it?
  7. intotheforge

    Progress at Drugstore.com

    The link below takes you to the site and gives you 20% off your order. It's only good until 9-14-12. I noticed that the long handle merkur progress is $55 with free shipping using this link. I'm not sure if that is a good deal or just an okay deal. I've only been looking at these razors for...
  8. intotheforge

    What am I missing?

    Speick is the only AS I've ever used and I love it. What are the top (reasonably priced) AS I should sample to broaden my experience? I ordered quite a few samples from Gary's sample shop Saturday and want to know what I will still be missing. I currently don't know that many scents. For...
  9. intotheforge

    New Guy

    Hi all, I'm brand new to this site; but not to wet shaving. I've been using a Merkur 34C since 2003 and wouldn't think of going back to cartridges. I've also been a slickdealer for a few years. I found this site when researching a sale on a new razor which was posted online. I'm really...
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