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  1. Blooze


    Picked up another Pentax MX, this time in black, to compliment my silver one. Came with a spotless SMC-M 50/f1.7. Camera was well loved with lots of brass showing and a couple matching dings on the prism, but everything works flawlessly including the meter. New seals and it's ready to go.
  2. Blooze

    ATTN: B&B Photogs-Fall Shots

    We have no fall scenery where I live. The only trees are in peoples yards. I miss NE Ks. We usually are still wearing shorts at Thanksgiving here too.
  3. Blooze


    I've been looking at one of those for my RB67. I like the Domke Grippers for my film SLR's and rangefinders.
  4. Blooze

    Looking for a camera.film rangefinder

    Have you looked here? http://www.fedka.com/Frames/Main_Frame.htm Has a 10 day inspection/return policy. I read good things on RFF about this site in the past.
  5. Blooze

    Macro lens recommendations

    Obviously this is a little out of the OP's price range, but the late Ronnie Gaubert used to use a 300mm with an extension tube (on a tripod of course) to get very nice close up shots and be able to be quite a distance away. A lot of the macro shots I see of bugs and such are staged indoors...
  6. Blooze

    Pic of the week!

    Ha! I have NEF's sitting in the computer now for 6+ months. Just finding the time to sit down and do it can be hard.
  7. Blooze


    You know, I have a 50mm for most of my cameras and they seem to be the last lens I ever reach for (except my 55mm micro, which I use for close up shots). I gravitate to the wide angle lenses for some reason. If I look at the exif info on my digital shots they are almost always at about 18mm...
  8. Blooze


    Picked up an old Pentax KM with a K series 55mm/1.8 lens today for $10. Lens has a good coating of dust on the inner element, but no scratches on the outer elements. I think it will most likely only be a problem when shooting into the sun or maybe a bit of contrast loss. Camera works perfect...
  9. Blooze


    Received my Retina IIc back from Chris Sherlock today. It looked really good on the cosmetic side before I sent it to New Zealand, but the internals match the outside now. The shutter sounds very close at 1 second now and doesn't stick at all. Everything moves very easily including the focus...
  10. Blooze

    Pic of the week!

  11. Blooze

    What is your most commonly used pen?

    At work it's my TWSBI 530. The thing just works and I've never had a problem with it. It's super easy to clean as well. At home it's my old Parker Vac I had Danny Fudge restore for me recently.
  12. Blooze

    Pic of the week!

    I love steel. My Bianchi road bike is an older steel frame/fork and rides like butter.
  13. Blooze

    Pic of the week!

    Nice Xander! I picked up my very first mountain bike a couple of weeks ago while I was in Austin. It's a old one (2004 Gary Fisher Tassajara), but it's in good shape frame-wise and only the front derailleur needs replacing. It'll be a good bike to learn on the singletrack we have around here.
  14. Blooze

    Favourite photographic book

    These are a couple of my current favorites. Margaret Bourke-White:Photographer http://www.amazon.com/Margaret-Bourke-White-Photographer-Sean-Callahan/dp/0821224905/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1400616605&sr=1-3&keywords=margaret+bourke-white David Plowden: Imprints...
  15. Blooze

    Best. Selfie. Ever.

    Very cool. Between that video and watching "The Secret Life of Walter Smitty" last night I'm ready to quit my job.
  16. Blooze

    What Type of Camera?

    I like my IIc so much that Chris Sherlock has it on his bench right now giving it some well deserved TLC. Can't wait to get it back!
  17. Blooze

    What Type of Camera?

    My first choice isn't on the list. My Yashica TLR's, followed by the Mamiya RB67, Pentax MX, and Kodak Retina IIc. Then my lowly Nikon D200 when I'm in a hurry or want color.
  18. Blooze

    Carry your camera onto the plane.

    Anything valuable I can't carry gets shipped to my destination or shipped back home.
  19. Blooze

    Ashai Pentax MX SLR

    Excellent find! The MX is one of Pentax's best SLR moments in my opinion. All manual and mechanical (sans meter) and just plain works. I love mine that I've been using since it was bought brand new. Glass is very reasonable and there are many choices. Don't listen to the film naysayers...
  20. Blooze

    A wasted opportunity.

    Yep. There is so little to photograph here that I find myself constantly going back to the same locations trying to find some new angle or anything different.
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