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  1. Ravenonrock

    Thoughts on Gillette Travel Tech?

    I’ve become partial to to using DE razors with shorter handles. Curious to know if anyone uses a Travel Tech in their regular rotation. Is it just a novelty?
  2. Ravenonrock

    Shirt on or off when shaving?

    I do both, but I prefer an undershirt or t-shirt. My big bathroom mirror is a constant reminder that my gym’s been closed for the last 6 months. So there’s that. Plus I tend to splash water, so my shirt absorbs the water then it goes into the laundry after shaving.
  3. Ravenonrock

    Shaving on camera?

    Would you? Any desire to post a shaving video? I’m way too vain and just think I would look ridiculous. Although I see that hasn’t stopped others.
  4. Ravenonrock

    Hoarding the good towels?

    My wife recently purchased some really plush extra large white hand towels. I’ve been covertly separating them out from the average hand towels and stashing them under the sink for my exclusive use whilst shaving. Am I at the precipice of another rabbit hole? Let’s hear about the good towels.
  5. Ravenonrock

    Tasting Cella?

    After applying abundant cherry/almond whipped delight to my face I curiously decided to lick said delight from my lips. Now I’ve done some dumb things before and I will again, but I won’t be licking Cella off my lips ever again...ever. Anyone else tasted Cella, on purpose? I see a new...
  6. Ravenonrock

    Top 3 Stanley Kubrick films.....ranked.

    If your a fan, this one is tough. I’ve gone back and forth a few times, so many great movies. Here goes.... 1: Barry Lyndon 2: Lolita 3: 2001: A Space Odyssey I said it was going to be tough!
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