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  1. Strayhair

    FS Blackland Dart

    Used twice and too aggressive for me. This is NOT the polished version, but the one that costs $99.99. The surfaces are smooth, but has toolmarks. I still have the box and will throw that in. CONUS+Canada PayPal credit only. $75
  2. Strayhair

    FS Stirling Haveford AS, Slim and RR 37 Slant

    Full bottle used once. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille clone is too strong for me. $6.50 + $4.00 CONUS shipping Razorock 37 German Slant is a few years old with original handle that had crossthreading problems reported on the forum. I never had a problem with the handle, except for the weight. Head...
  3. Strayhair

    Razorock Gamechanger .84 Head

    If you buy the .84 Head, does it come with a top cap or just the bottom plate?
  4. Strayhair

    Proraso Azure Lime First Impressions

    I just used this balm after shaving today. I thought I'd share a few quick thoughts. I'd describe the scent as modern fresh. Think Acqua Di Gio. The notes I smell are Lime, Vetiver and Mint. It pairs well with Proraso Green soap/cream. I like how the heavy glass bottle looks. It has no pump, but...
  5. Strayhair

    Story Behind WWI Shaving Kits

    I just read in the news about Poison Gas attacks being the reason for shaving kits being issued to soldiers. I love history.
  6. Strayhair

    Look at my Shavemac Specs

    I'm getting the urge to upgrade my Berkeley with a Shavemac. I'm searching for A tiny travel/in a work rush bowl lathering brush. I want soft tips with medium Simpson backbone. I paint my lather, but would like a brush that splays only a little for circular motions. I don't want to feel like I...
  7. Strayhair

    Cremo Branded Vie Long Brushes at Target

    I just saw some Vie-Long 12601's that featured the Cremo label along with tons of other products besides the creams. They also started selling another brand of safety razor that comes with a metal colored pure badger brush(I think). I saw some possibly vegan soaps,aftershave and colognes too.
  8. Strayhair

    Simpsons Emperor 2 3-Band First Impressions

    I waited all day until my Emperor 2 to come in. First impressions was the handle was tall and hefty. It fits my fingers better than my Berkeley. And it's just as maneuverable. The loft has very light colored tips and is spot on as advertised. Shocking, right? Loading my Haslinger...
  9. Strayhair

    Ordered something crazy.

    I just ordered a Simpson Emperor 2 in 3 band Super Badger. I'm trying to get a brush that is different experience from my Berkeley. I hope I succeeded. I'm not as impressed with the Berkeley lathering compared to the Semogue 1438. It takes longer and the lather comes out the sides. I can...
  10. Strayhair

    Next day's shave not as close as previous

    I'm a every other day shaver. Today I felt like shaving even though I did yesterday. I did not do anything different. But I didn't get as close a shave. Has anyone else experienced this? Also, I alternate razors every shave.
  11. Strayhair

    Caring for a bare brass Gillette NEW

    I like my Regent NEW LC. It actually lives up to the hype. It cuts through my whiskers like a hot knife through butter. However, I just noticed more tarnishing on the inside of the top cap and baseplate than I remember when I got it in the mail. I've had it assembled without a blade for a few...
  12. Strayhair

    First Lather With The Fat

    The lemon-cream scent smells good. It looks like it may stay that way and not get annoying. It's lightly fragranced like Haslinger. But it seems like it'll take longer and more water to lather properly. The best news is that I left it on my face for 5 minutes and I didn't have a reaction from...
  13. Strayhair

    Testing the new Parker 87R

    This razor has gotten off to a rough start on the shaving boards. Parker isn't known for stellar quality control. A lot of people had big defects which was disappointing. I read some new reviews that were positive. The 87R excited me because it looks similar to an Aristocrat. So I crossed my...
  14. Strayhair

    Berkeley 47 First Shave Impressions

    Gentlemanly restraint proved wrong this time. I've had my first shave with my Simpson Berkeley 47. It's denser than my Vulfix 2234, maybe a bit of a lather hog. But it did feel like I was brushing the lather on rather than dumping it over my face. I avoided making voluminous lather in the past...
  15. Strayhair

    Taylor of Old Bond Street Coconut = Delicious!

    I just received a tub of TOBS Coconut in the mail. I haven't shaved with it yet, but it smells like coconut baked goods. It smells totally different than Trumpers Coconut. TOBS might be more interesting to me than the latter's raw coconut smell. And compared to my previous tub of TOBS Natural...
  16. Strayhair

    West Coast Shaving Brand Safety Razors

    West Coast Shaving is selling their own branded razors made in India. They're made of brass and chrome and a mix of 3 piece and TTO designs. The handles are mostly non-traditional. They cost more than Maggards so it's hard for me to impulse buy. Who's wants to be a guinea pig?
  17. Strayhair

    MWF, Schafmilch, Lanolin and Allergies

    It drives me crazy, but I can live with it. But I'd like to try all these soaps with lanolin, but I had excema as a child. My dermatologist told me to avoid lanolin. The science is fuzzy on whether excema continues into adulthood. Are their any members that use lanolin soaps that have/had excema?
  18. Strayhair

    First Shave With Semogue 1438

    I finally tested out my new Semogue 1438 brush with Haslinger Honig soap and am pleasantly surprised. After reading about how scrubby it was supposed to be, I found it to be softer than my VDH Pure Badger. It's slightly pricklier than my Vulfix 2234 super badger. I soaked it for 3 minutes and...
  19. Strayhair

    Couple of Blades Fell Onto Counter. Damaged?

    They slid out of the box while I was putting them away in the medicine cabinet. Could their performance be diminished in any way?
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